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    Please see the following link for view of Frisco caboose SLSF 1706. (10/16/2001) (5/14/2007)

    This is one of the of the Frisco built cabooses intended for road and pool service. This car was constructed during 4/1973. It was built form a main car body provided by a Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18149.

    This car has had its side car body windows blanked. The lower side sill appears to have been modified to a straight line and hides the car body's Pullman Standard origins. Below the cupola and side sill to the left of the right truck you cab see the drain pipe for the retention toilet.

    On the left truck, on the inboard axle you can see the truck mounted electric generator for charging the battery. Note on the roof top the smoke stack with support brace to the cupola. The photograph shows the remains of the roof eve red end marker light. The red marker light is no longer in place.

    Unfortunately this car is painted for that successor railroad with its herald, but has no reporting marks or number.

    The car is located in Sherwin Park, southeast of town. It is east of U.S. Highway 63 at County Road E (a/k/a Missouri Highway 142), south of the cemetery and just northeast of the swimming pool. This is approximately 0.3 miles south of the Highway 63 overpass over the Memphis Subdivision railroad main line and 0.2 miles east of U.S. 63.

    The car location address is 150 Holmes Rd. (a/k/a Oregon County Road 269), Thayer, MO.

    Please see,-91.538258&spn=0.004449,0.011973&t=h&z=17.

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    This caboose is dead and gone, cut up for scrap. Thayer Mo Considered it an eyesore and a liability so they put it up for bid, highest bid was $1100 and the town declined the bid and city crews cut it up and hauled it off, this happened in 2011. What a shame.

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