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    Please see the following link for a photograph of Frisco caboose SLSF 1420. (10/2/2009)

    This caboose was constructed during 9/1975 by the Frisco at the Springfield West Car Shops. The main car body came from Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar SLSF 18048.

    This car has retained its original windows. When originally constructed the car was not equipped with roof walks or end ladders. By the mid-1970s there had been outlawed and were being removed from older equipment.

    The car body is nicely painted and lettered. It looks like the step side skirt should be painted yellow. The trucks are painted in a primer gray and hopefully will be returned to the original black.

    The caboose is located south of town at a private residence. It sits approximately 3/10 of a mile south of Southeast 15th Street, on the east side of Oklahoma Highway 16. From the junction of Oklahoma Highways 51 and 16 this is approximately 1/2 mile south.

    The address is Highway 16, Wagoner, OK.

    Please see,86.28,,0,5.

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