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    Please see the following links for photographs of Frisco caboose SLSF 1418. (5/22/2007) (photo courtesy Roger Kirkpatrick collection)

    This is one of the Frisco built extended or wide vision cabooses for local service. This car was built in the Springfield West Car Shops during 9/1975. The main body came from a Pullman Standard boxcar, SLSF 18143.

    Fortunately this caboose has retained all of its original windows. Unfortunately they do have screens over them to help deter vandalism.

    The caboose is painted in red, yellow handrails and a "Ship it on the Frisco!" slogan below the cupola. It an unusual local move the car has a plate with the town name above the cupola end and side numbers. The car has been renumbered for that successor railroad.

    The car is located on the east side of the street across from the business district. It sits in the city's Frisco Park adjacent to the Frisco's Lebanon Subdivision.

    The location address is 104 N. Commercial St. (a/k/a Missouri Highways 17 and 133), Crocker, MO 65452.

    Please see,102.77,,0,-5.44.

    In addition the city has also saved the Frisco's Crocker depot. It is located on the north side of 10th St. one block to the west of the caboose. The depot was moved by local citizens in two sections and reassembled at its current location 9/12/1984.

    The depot address is 104 10th St, Crocker, MO 65452.

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