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    Please see the following link for a photograph of the former Frisco caboose SLSF 1407.

    This was one of the Frisco built extended or wide vision cupola cabooses built for local service. It had been constructed during 6/1973 in the West Shops in Springfield. The core body came from a former Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18218.

    The Frisco lowered the height of the boxcar car body, added new ends and fabricated a new cupola. The interiors were equipped with a conductor's desk, chairs, storage lockers, cooler, stove, toilet, sink and other appropriate fittings.

    It was similar to the 1700 series road or pool service extended or wide vision cabooses also built at the same time. The local cabooses of the 1400 series differed from the 1700 series pool cabooses in that the local service cars were not equipped with radios or cushioned underframes.

    The undated photograph shows the car while it was in a city park in Ohatchee, AL. At the time it was used as a concession stand to support the park's ball fields. "Shorty" Griffin is a local gentleman who supported local athletics. He and his brother Richard helped donate the caboose. The park is at 242 Tomahawk Trail.

    The caboose was located near the end of the road, south of the second parking area. Please see,-86.006545&spn=0.002029,0.00544&t=h&z=18

    A review of Bing Maps indicated a change at the park with new ball fields added and the caboose removed. Please see

    This lead me on a quest to find the car. A couple of calls to the city resulted in a local lead and contact. This lead to another call, a message and then luckily a return call. To quote a famous radio broadcaster "and now the rest of the story".

    Unfortunately, the further research indicates the car no longer exists. It was removed when the city expanded the number of ball fields at the park. The car had been under water during several floods. Liability issues (fear of being sued) also contributed to its demise. An exact date of the loss of the car has not been established at this time, but it is believed to have occurred around 2007.

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