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    Please see the following links for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 1278. (5/29/2009) (4/13/2002)

    This car is from the 2nd series of extended or wide vision cabooses purchased during 1968 by the Frisco. The car has retained its end ladders and roof top running boards. These and the subsequent 1969 order of cabooses were equipped with swing motion type caboose trucks.

    This car is painted, lettered and numbered for that successor railroad.

    The caboose is located a few miles east of Snoqualmie Pass. It is just off Kachess Lake Road, Exit 62, to north and to the west of I-90 (less than 2/10 mile). The car sits in a small complex of buildings down the hill near the Interstate Highway.

    The car address is Kachess Lake Road, Exit 62, off I-90, Hyak, WA.

    Please see,-121.308798&spn=0.001851,0.006073&t=h&z=18 or (aerial birds eye view).

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