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    Please see the following link for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 1276. (4/30/2005)

    This car is from the 2nd series of extended or wide vision cabooses purchased during 1968 by the Frisco. These and the subsequent 1969 order of cabooses were equipped with swing motion type caboose trucks.

    The car has retained its end ladders, crossover hoops and roof top running boards. Below the cupola is the electrical system battery box and to its right is the restroom toilet retention tank drain pipe.

    The truck side frame detail photograph shows the casting mark that includes a "SLSF". Near the corner just below the roof line is the trust ownership plate. To the left is a sliver spotlight that was added after the merger.

    This car is painted and has a herald for that successor railroad. The car does not have reporting marks or number.

    The caboose is located in north central Missouri just north of the main tracks of the former Chicago Burlington and Qunicy (CBQ) Railroad. This was the former Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad. It is located in a city park next to city library, north of railroad tracks and Main Street underpass. Car sits on the southeast quadrant at the corner of N. Main St. and 100 E. Boston Ave.

    The car location address is 68 N Main St., Brookfield, MO.

    Please see,90.3,,0,7.71.

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    I went to visit 1276 at Brookfield on August 9, 2017. I called the city and they gave me contact info for Gary Rutledge (660) 258-3518 and Gary granted me interior access for pictures. Gary is part of a group of volunteers that care for 1276, and they have done a fantastic job for the last 30 years. They keep her clean and freshly painted, they keep the interior looking great too and have a display case inside with railroadiana items from the CB&Q and the BN. Brookfield is a railroad town with strong ties to the Burlington. Caboose 1276 has really nice glass with all the seals intact, and has ZERO RUST ! I was very impressed with the job they are doing taking care of old 1276, even if she is wearing green paint. I took a lot of pics, and will have to compress them to fit this format. Will post some in the next few days
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