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    Please see the following link for an in service view of Frisco caboose SLSF 1259.

    In this view the low light angle nicely highlights the underbody and truck details. This car was built as SLSF 259 during 8/1957. It was renumbered in April 1968 as SLSF 1259.

    The first series (200-274 (later 1200-1274)) of International Car Company extended or wide vision cabooses featured distinctive side sill tabs at the truck bolsters and major cross members.

    Both later series (1275-1284 and 1285-1292) of International cabooses featured a distinctive long straight side sill from the end steps through the truck bolster ends.

    In the photograph starting from the A end (left) you can clearly see the coupler with open knuckle, cushion underframe, flexible air line with glad hand connection, angle cock, train line pipe, end steps, General Steel Castings (GSC) swinghanger-equalized truck, air brake valve (at 3rd tab), brake cylinder, brake rigging, underbody mounted axle powered generator (under 4th tab), silver toilet drain pipe fitting, 2nd truck, end steps and coupler knuckle lock lift bar.

    On the side at the corners you can see the original marker light brackets. The marker lights were originally smaller and removable. Later they were mounted to a cupola top bracket to reduce theft. In the late 1970s the flashing end markers were added at the top of the end eve. At the upper left corner there are 2 rivets that used to hold the cast equipment trust ownership plate.

    On the roof can be seen the ladder cross over hoops, longitude and lateral running board grates, the smoke stack with brace to the cupola, the toilet vent stack, grab irons at the corners of the cupola and the whip radio antenna.

    The end details are somewhat hidden in the shadow. On close inspection you can see the end railings and multiple high and low grab irons, the break wheel with stand and at the peek of the eve the red marker light.

    There are several aftermarket items on this caboose. The silver spot light at the corner, the metal framed end and cupola windows were an addition after the merger. The metal frames signify the former black rubber gasket "shatter resistant" windows had been replaced with the newer Federal mandated "missile resistant" glazing.

    At the same time many windows were blanked with metal plates to reduce the costs of replacing all the glazing. On this car one can clearly see the results of the metal replacements with the patch paint.

    The paint although well weathered, shows the car has seen many miles of service use but has been well maintained. This is at least the second paint scheme worn by these cars. The car has the brighter caboose red color with black roof and underbody. The ladders, railings, grabs, step sides and safety appliances are yellow.

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    bn11587  slsf 1249.jpg This caboose still exists, I previously did not know that. I found the image doing an image search on "dakota caboose" anybody have any idea where it is?
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    I searched the net for an hour or so last night, and found the location, she is sitting in an RV park in Glenn Ullin ND. I have contacted a local photographer from Glenn Ullin and he is going to take some current photos of her, and provide me with the name and address of the RV park where she is. Look for more info soon !
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    The caboose is located at Glen Ullin Memorial Park, just west of Glen Ullin ND. The park phone number is 701 348 3950. I'm happy to finally know where this caboose is located !

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