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    Please see the following link for a view of Frisco caboose SLSF 1255.

    This caboose was constructed by the International Car Company during 7/1957. It originally was numbered SLSF 255. In April 1968 the car was renumbered by adding 1000 to the original number to prevent conflict with locomotive numbers when the railroad added a new computer tracking system.

    This car was part of the original order (SLSF 200-274) of all steel extended or wide vision cabooses for road service. These cabooses road on distinctive General Steel Castings (GSC) swinghanger-equalized truck.

    The caboose is incorporated into the southwest corner a local convenience / deli store. The car is used as an office to support the operations of the Depot Food Store.

    It does retain the end ladder, crossover bars and roof walk. The car is painted red and had a Frisco coonskin herald, but is unnumbered on the exterior. Railings and ladders are painted yellow.

    The location address is 1925 Main Street (a/k/a Alabama Highway 51), Louisville, AL.

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    The wreck shown was March of 1966 at Cape Girardeau Mo. The caboose survived and is still preserved today albeit its in a different type of "wreck" the way its incorporated into the convenient store at Louisville Al.

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