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    Please see the following links for photos of Frisco caboose SLSF 1223.

    This is one of the original group of all steel extended or wide vision road or pool cabooses. The car was originally numbered SLSF 223. It was renumbered by adding 1000 to the original number in 1968. This was done to avoid duplicate conflicts with locomotive numbers when a new computer system was installed by the railroad.

    This car retains the original side windows. Fortunately on this car they have not been sealed or plated over. Also it has retained its roof walks, the end ladders and cross over hoops.

    The caboose has been repainted red but is missing its SLSF reporting marks and car number. In white it has a small "Ship it on the Frisco!" slogan offset to the left of its proper location centered under the cupola and a crude outline coonskin herald. Unfortunately, the car side also has some lettering for the local Chamber of Commerce and a historical note.

    This car is located in the center of town. The caboose sits behind and to the east of the U.S. Post office, south of Lost Creek, northeast of Iva E. Wells Middle School, 925 Oneida St., and north of Oneida St. It sits to the west of and beside a historic one room rural school house.

    The address of the car location is 1205 Cherokee St. (a/k/a Missouri Highway 43), Seneca, MO 64865.

    Please see,111.52,,0,13.99.

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    I corrected this once, and I will do it again since the authors mistakenly corrected my correction. This caboose is not 1223 and has never been caboose 1223, it has always been 1232. and it is no longer in Seneca Missouri. This is caboose 1232 and it is now in Tulsa. See the post for caboose 1232 for more detailed info.

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