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    Please see the following links for views of caboose SLSF 1215. (left side, B end) (left side, A end) (left side, A end)

    This is one of the International Car Company all steel extended (or wide) vision cupola style cabooses constructed in 1957. This particular car was built in Kenton, OH during March, 1957.

    This caboose was originally numbered 215. It was renumbered by the Frisco by adding 1000 to the original car number in 1968. This was part of a system wide renumbering plan adopted for cabooses when a new computer operating system was installed.

    The car retains it roof access ladders, peak and lateral running boards. These had been removed by the railroad from most surviving cabooses of this type.

    In the photographs note that in addition to the end flashing marker light in the end roof eve, the owner has a set of the original type marker lights mounted at the corners. The caboose has been nicely restored to its late Frisco glory days in Mandarin orange and white.

    The car is located beside a private residence and is currently used as an office. The owner is receptive to visitors who make proper arrangements prior to visiting. Please see

    The caboose is located at 2626 Country Road 3 (a/k/a US Highway 31, or Alabama State Highway 3), Atmore AL.

    Please see,152.43,,0,15.66 and

    Hope this helps.


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    Absolutely beautiful! Still has GSC trucks like it was meant to have. |-|
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    Also note that he has added what looks like a FRED in one coupler pocket!
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    While on vacation in Southern Alabama we stopped by Atmore to check out caboose 1215. She has been cosmetically restored very nicely by her owner Jerry. Jerry is a great guy and was nice enough to invite us inside for a tour, he has some really neat Frisco Railroad artifacts inside. I was only able to get one exterior pic because she has an RV parked on the west side and the east side has a fence row with heavy vegetation just a few feet from the caboose. Jerry does a great job of maintaining the paint and he uses Sherwin Williams paint and repaints her every few years as needed. 1215 had a rough service life as evident by collision damage on the coupler pockets, dents along the sides, damaged railings and steps, and some panel replacement on the car sides. Jerry said she had been layed on her side at some point during service. The body damage does not detract from her beauty, she is still currently the best preserved example of a Frisco 200/1200 class caboose. Great job Jerry.

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