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    Please see the following links for photographs of Frisco caboose SLSF 1138. (10/3/1991) (10/3/1991) (3/29/2000)

    This is one of the Frisco built steel under and upper frame cars with a steel cupola. The car was constructed in the railroad's West Shops in Springfield, MO. The car was originally built as a main line road caboose but was demoted to local service shortly after the arrival of the first order of all steel wide or extended cabooses in 1957.

    Although the website below indicates the car was constructed in 1926, this is not consistent with company records for a car of this design. Frisco cabooses of this type with a steel cupola were built between 1938 and 1946. It is believed this car was originally numbered SLSF 38, which was built in 1940.

    The car exterior is is largely original condition. On the right car side 1 of the 3 original windows has been eliminated. Photographs indicate this occurred before the car was purchased and moved to this current location.

    Unfortunately the car is currently painted in a bright red scheme with yellow accents on the upper and lower side sills, corners, door and window frames. It car is missing the appropriate reporting marks, road number and coon skin herald. Hopefully the current owners will see fit to restore the car's exterior to its original appearance.

    This caboose was formerly located in the city's Atchley Park, 25544 Lynn Avenue (a/k/a Missouri State Highway 5), Lebanon, MO. The car sat on the west side of the highway. Around 2001 the city sold the car, removed it from the park and the car was moved out of state.

    The car has been tracked to and is currently located at a caboose themed tourist lodging motel. It was restored for use as a motel room in 2002. This car is now known at the motel as "Caboose # 103". It is one of 3 cabooses and a "Junction Depot" each secluded with private drives on a wooded hillside at the facility. Using the mapping tool if you "drive" up the road to the northeast, on the right you will see the individual entrances marked by railroad tie fences at the driveway to each caboose.

    The motel is called Livingston Junction Cabooses. This is in northwest part of the state. The motel is just off Arkansas Highway 23, a little over over 2 miles north of the community. Please see

    The location address is 927 County Road 222, Eureka Springs, MO 72631.

    Please see,157.34,,0,5.

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