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    SLSF 1109 has been located and confirmed by Keith Robinson. She can be found at the residence of Dorothy Taylor 1801 Joplin St, Sarcoxie, MO. It is on the northwest corner of 18th and Joplin Streets. Through one of the windows, I was able to see the markings SLSF 1109 inside, above one of the doors. The siding and roof have been replaced with aluminum siding and roof like that found on a Butler building.

    Here are some current pictures.

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    Prior to taking up residence in Sarcoxie, the 1109 kept the 4516 company at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia. The 1109 was the second Frisco caboose to be displayed with the 4516. The first was the 734. An ex-MP caboose occupies the spot held formerly by the 1109 and the 734.

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