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  1. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    Is there a place on the forum that lists the repainting dates of the 1200 series International Car Cabooses and more specifically caboose 1250 as to when it was repainted back to I would assume O&W? I m trying to set a proytotypical operating scheme pattern for the period of the mid to late 70's. This would also include when they actually started painting cabooses into the O&W scheme and which ones were painted that way.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.
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    The earliest photo of a R/W caboose I have seen is the 1718 in 11/75, though I take the date with the grain of salt. The photo is by Ed Sealy Jr. in the book Cabins, Crummies & Hacks on page 20. A more accurate date is a photo on this site of 1724 taken on 5/10/76 by Robert Tribble.

    I have never put together a date of repainting roster because I have very few actual repainting dates, however I can narrow down within a few months when most were repainted. From what I have seen the repainting of the 1200s into R/W began in the spring of 1977, the 1st one I saw was the 1204 in June 1977. As for the 1250, the notes I have say it was repainted from R/W/B into R/W in July 1978.

    As for what was repainted, I have kept track of that as well as BN renumbering and retirement dates. This thread seems to be the appropriate place to post that information. The 1726-1735 & 1776 lists are not completed yet, I will post them when they are done.

    Roger R. Taylor
    Raytown, MO.

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    Roger, thanks for posting this. I already knew 1714 was in Lamar, but I didn't know it never made it to O&W. BTW I have never seen photos of it in service with the Frisco, would you or any one else know of any?


    EDIT: PS Another interesting thing is 1725 is still going today. So that means that one car that was built 57 years ago as a PS1 40' box car is still roaming the rails.
  4. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    Roger and All:

    Thanks for the posting. There are several of us on the forum including Jim Senese, Rick McClellan, myself and others who are narrowing a focus to a certain time period or point in time. This can be fun, frustrating, challenging, and numerous other things all at the same time. When a manufacturer announces a new item, I immediately ask myself if fits my era and I'm sure the others do also. In the case of the cabooses, I tried unsuccessfully to sell my RW&B caboose since I have chosen to model mid to late 1980. Having helped Atlas with the U30b project and getting the "XR" loco produced, of course I had to have one. The thought crossed my mind the other day about back dating some of my operating sessions to the 1976-1977 time period to include using those two models. As most of you know, Rick does this, but with two dramatically different periods. If I backdate I will need to be careful as to when to try and include as much of my 1980 rolling stock and locomotives as I possibly can. For example, I know that the Walthers Ballast Hoppers will have to go as they didn't arrive until 1980. Anyway, you answered my question and now I will need to take stock of my equipment and pick a second date. If anyone else would like to try this, even for fun, at he very least it serves to teach a lesson as to when equipment was acquired and/or disposed of.
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    Interesting query, Bob. Frankly, while my memory of the Frisco's twilight is sketchy, I believe that the first time I saw any O/W caboose in Chaffee was one of the CMS homebuilt bay-window jobs in 1980.

    Surely others came through town before then, but seeing a caboose in orange and white made a very vivid impression on this young memory.

    Dates notwithstanding, it makes me wonder if a higher percentage of O/W cabooses would have appeared on some divisions, but not always on others? Were cabooses still assigned to specific crews at that time? The photographic evidence of the bicentennial cabooses, among others, seems to say "no."

    As someone who's tried(trying) to pin down a specific time in Friscoland, down to getting the sand domes and bell placement write on a 4-6-2, I applaud your efforts to get things as close as possible!

    Looking forward to what others can contribute toward narrowing things down.

    Best Regards,
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    I do have one photo of the 1714 taken 6/30/79 at Thayer, MO. As for the 1724 it is the last original SLSF caboose in service, today it is located in Spokane, WA. Roger

    06-30-79 (A2)-Thayer, MO. SLSF 1714.jpg

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