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Discussion in 'Heavyweight Cars' started by yardmaster, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. yardmaster

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    Look to page 11 of the following November, 1930 Frisco Employee's Magazine, for a photo of the Madill Employee's Club special train, pulled by 2-8-0 #1238:

    Note the caboose-coach combine trailing behind, and see also the thread on Caboose-Coach combines #843 and #844:

    The one above is much different in that it appears to have no baggage section and the cupola is centered. Alas, the number is obscured by the group of employees.

    Anyone have any background info on this dandy?

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  2. timothy_cannon

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    Any info on this car?

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  3. w3hodoug

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    Richard Napper (MMR - deceased) modeled one of them in HO and wrote it up for one of Charlie's FMIG or The Frisco Museum's Newsletters.
  4. yardmaster

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    Tim, that's a new one on me. The cupola appears to be centered? I've seen neither photos nor drawings of one of these previously.

    Looks like a school trip to somewhere or another. Was this in Chaffee? Any approximate date on it?

    Regardless, it's a good one!

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  5. klrwhizkid

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    Actually, Doug, Richard modeled the 844 which was a Combine / Caboose with an offset cupola versus the center-cupola Coach / Caboose pictured here.
  6. yardmaster

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    Disregard, and pardon my inherent "dumbnicity." I'm embarrassed to say that I could have answered my own question, perhaps if I'd read my own post from a while back.

    Was 2008 really 8 years ago? Doesn't seem that long.

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  7. Jim James

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    The years are flying by.
  8. magistrate

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    That's the year my body forced me to retire, not a good year.
  9. timothy_cannon

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    Okay, It's very hard to see, if at all, the roadname on this car. The number, however, does fit in the Frisco numbering system. Also, I THINK that says WRECKER (or WRECKING) SERVICE lettered on the side. Thoughts? I've had this pic for many years but just now found it again. F caboo 99811.jpg
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  10. Karl

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    99811-99814 series cars are described in the 1908 roster as camp cars, which were built during 1889 for the KCFtS&M. The only other information states that the cars were 34' over the end sills, and they weighed 26,700 lbs.

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