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    I am guessing that the number on the side of the caboose is the number. Here is our beauty.
    Does it have a name? Birthdate? I am just beginning my research, but if anyone has any input, I welcome it.

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    The caboose in St. Clair, Missouri is not a former Frisco caboose. It is a faux Frisco unit painted as if it had SLSF heritage.

    The caboose was originally purchased by the Great Northern (GN) Railway. It was originally numbered GN X-130. The X in the caboose reporting marks and number denoted on that line non-revenue company service. The 30' steel extended-vision (also known as (aka) wide-vision) cupola style caboose was built by the International Car Company, Kenton, Ohio in June 1968. It was one of 20 units in series GN X116-X135. When delivered the caboose was painted Big Sky Blue with white lettering. This paint scheme was adopted by the railroad in 1967.

    The manufacturing company began operations in Kenton during 1924 as the New City Car Company. During 1925, the NCCC became the International Car Company. In 1941, it started specializing in caboose construction. International Car Company would be purchased by Pacific Car and Foundry Company, Fenton, WA during 1978. With the decline in demand for cabooses caused by changing technology, union agreements and government regulations the latter company closed the Kenton plant in 1983.

    It was later renumbered for that successor railroad when it was originally formed in 1970. At that time it was renumbered with new company's reporting marks and assigned number 10090. It was in the group of cabooses in series 10076-10095. The caboose would be repainted in that road's awful green with yellow body ends and white lettering. When it was retired by that successor line it was donated to the community.

    The caboose is currently located adjacent to the Frisco's Rolla Subdivision in the town's Main Street Park at South Main Street and North Street, St. Clair, Franklin County, Missouri. This is near the railroad's mile post 52.2 (MP 52.2).

    Hope this helps.


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