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      On Tuesday, February 21, 2017 5:00 PM, tammie levin <> wrote:

      I'm with the Bristow Historical Society and need some help with our Frisco water tank/tower. A couple of years ago I was told that it was one of only of few remaining. Today I was told that it sets too far off from the train tracks to be used for the steam engines. Attached are two pictures. The black and white was taken several years back before the renovation of the depot showing the location to the tracks. Also, wondering what the small building right next to the tank would of been used for.

      Thank you for any help that you can offer!
      Tammie Levin
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    Should be two (2) photos. Not sure how to download them. Will attempt to send later, if needed.
    The pictures show a steel water tower.
    Peddling Joe

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    You have to upload the images with the "Upload a File" button.
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    On the ground by the cross bucks on 6th Street is a 3x5 concrete pad that looks like it possibly is the remains of a water column. The water tower didn't have to be immediately next to the tracks and therefore wouldn't need a "spout" out of the side of it. Do any of your references have a item that looks like this by the track?

    Water column.jpg
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    Any idea how many existing water towers remain on the FRISCO line today? We have one in Bristow, Oklahoma but wonder how many others are left. Thanks! depottower.jpg
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    Most likely the small building is the pump house and possibly water treatment shed. They used water cranes there, the tank was the supply.
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    Greetings! Can anyone tell me what color the original water tower would have been? We are considering re-painting it to bring it back to its original beauty. FRISCO line at Bristow, Okla -

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    Thank you for the information! We definitely plan to put the FRISCO sign back on the tower when we re-do it. Hope some of ya'll can swing by and enjoy!
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