Bridge 153.7 in Bolivar on the Clinton Sub

Discussion in 'Bridges' started by dricketts, May 7, 2014.

  1. dricketts

    dricketts Member Supporter

    A good friend Deane Tunnly and I have been working on a v-scale model of this bridge. We have some questions about the top surface of the bridge. Would ballast typically have been used on the surface of the Frisco's concrete bridges?

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  2. trainsignguy

    trainsignguy Member Supporter

    The deck would have been ballasted.

    Nice job with the v-scale bridge. I will eventually need one in N scale for my layout. Kind of thinking out loud here, any idea if your v-scale drawings will translate to a format compatible with a rapid prototyper?

    Dale Rush
  3. dricketts

    dricketts Member Supporter

    Thanks Dale. We're still working on on some final textures and adjustments but the first version is looking right at home on the Highline route.

    Sorry. I'm not sure what you mean by "rapid prototyper".
  4. trainsignguy

    trainsignguy Member Supporter

    A rapid prototyper is a 3-D printer.

    Dale Rush
  5. dricketts

    dricketts Member Supporter

    I thought that might be where you were going. Wow! Wouldn't that be cool on your layout? Our model was created in Gmax. My friend Dean is doing most all of the heavy lifting. :) I'm just helping with some textures. I would think the key or challenge is getting the virtual model to export into the 3D printer software. My understanding is "exporters" are additional software that translates the model created from the 3D creation software into something the video game software or printer software understands.

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