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Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by adams, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. adams

    adams QLA-QSF

    Hello All, I'm looking at an Athearn Bev-bel Frisco 40 foot boxcar in the 15000 series. It has a return stencil of Memphis, TN. It looks to be a dark yellow color, but not quite an orange like I've seen on some cars. Is there a prototype for this? Thanks. (I'm bidding on Ebay, and hope to buy!)
  2. pensive

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    Yes, there is a prototype for an orange 40' boxcar in the 15000 series. Scroll down to the 16th car on this Mike Condren web page for a picture: Catalog/Box-Cars.htm

    The Bev-Bel model appears to be an Athearn standard 40' steel boxcar painted somewhat like it.

  3. adams

    adams QLA-QSF

    Thanks! Most models I've seen before are much more orange than the Bev-Bel---the box in the pic is quite dirty, but I'm guessing the Bev-Bel is too light. I have an ancient Roco/AHM box that is extremely orange! And of course, the pic shows a plug door.
  4. TAG1014

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    SLSF 15097 on page 61 in Molo's "Frisco and Katy Color Guide..." is a vivid orange. Bright!

    TAG 1014

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