Bowser 100 Ton 45' Hoppers For Sale

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    I had a great estate sale find. These are HO scale Bowser 100 Ton 45' hoppers with coal loads. There are 7 built compete cars with the loads glues in ( not the best job, might need a little more fill to hide the glue) and 1 that has a load that can be removed. All have kadee or kadee style couplers and plastic wheels. Some hatch doors are painted silver and others black.

    There are also three kits that I am pretty sure are complete.

    These don't really fit my era and layout so I am listing these as 1 lot for a total of 11 cars to someone on the site that will enjoy them. I am pretty sure I can fit them all carefully packed into 1 large flat rate USPS box.


    Any one interested in souther pacific I have about 10 of those that are all built with loads too.

    Thanks for looking!
    Matt from Alabama

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    Sorry these are already sold
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