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  1. Joe Lovett

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    I finished the roof on the south end and the awning in front of depot but will have to build the outcrop tomorrow. Made a few adjustments to the columns and pedestals and added some trim work on the front and north end.

    Should be able to finish the whole project tomorrow afternoon or early evening.


    20200611_230937_HDR.jpg 20200611_231235.jpg 20200611_231020_HDR.jpg
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  2. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    I finished the assembly of the depot except for gluing the outcrop on. It got too dark to paint and the paint shop opens in the morning, my patio. lol

    Here's a photo with the depot all taped up ready to paint the south end roof and awning. Or it's ready for the fumigation crew to start.


  3. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    I'm done for the night and still have work to do on the depot, don't like how the outcrop looks. Tomorrow morning I'm going to make a new one with a window instead a door, it's a height issue. Got everything painted and need to work on the south end roof and awning. The green I used is a little too dark so want to give it a wash of olive. Maybe some day I will get this project done. lol

  4. Looks like they are treating for bed bugs joe. Lol
  5. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Didn't get to work on the depot very much only one hour. Made the outcrop, painted and assembled but having trouble fitting the roof.

    My next project is to finish the oil depot. I bought a one inch diameter dowel rod and have it marked to cut several small tanks. The other things that need to be built is a guard shack, office and pipelines.

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  6. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Just finished painting the depot with a wash of olive after gluing the roof on the outcrop. The only things to do is attach window glazing and add support poles to the awning when I glue the depot to the base.


    20200615_143159_HDR.jpg 20200615_143257.jpg 20200615_143233_HDR.jpg FORT SMITH.jpg
  7. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    The Ft Smith Depot is open for business.

    I gave the green roof and awning another wash of olive paint and it's a lot better. All of the doors and windows have glazing attached and just finished adding the support poles to the awning to finish the project. Will glue the depot to base at a later date after lights have been installed. Some of the support poles and columns are leaning a bit and when I glue the depot will straighten them out.

    The depot was a really fun project to work on, some parts were a challenge because of lots of small pieces and big fingers. It took longer than I thought to build, started on May 29th and worked on it just about every day.


    20200616_141409_HDR.jpg 20200616_141422_HDR.jpg 20200616_141435_HDR.jpg
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  8. Joe Lovett

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    After building the Ft Smith Depot I decided to take a few days off. But still did a couple of projects, painted some ice blocks with rattle can white and then used clear finger nail polish to make them shine. Here's the Blue Ice Inc loading platform with the ice blocks.


    Then I painted the small tanks for Coulson Oil Depot with the same rattle can paint.

    This afternoon built two extensions for the overhead lights valence. It's total length is 10 feet 11 inches and it's 16 inches wide. Have hooks and chain to hang it from the ceiling.

    A good friend is coming over tonight to help put in position and hope to get the lights installed early next month.

    The top of the valence will be where I'm going to store a small time saver HO layout based in the mid to late 20s.

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  9. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    This afternoon I built the frame for another 8 foot section for modules 01, 02 and 03 overhead lights valence. Still waiting for someone to help me hang the 130 inch section, will try a neighbor friend tomorrow morning.

    Also played chess with the small tanks for the oil depot to see what arrangement looks best.

    For some reason can't load a photo right now. Will try later.

  10. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Just finished hanging the 130x16 inch overhead lights valence over modules 04 thru 07. It only took five minutes to hang and another ten minutes to complete. My neighbor friend helped me install the valence.


    I'm going to work on the oil depot this evening, decided where the small tanks go and will work on the office/warehouse and guard shack after gluing the tanks.

    A time saver HO scale layout will be stored on top of the valence I just installed. It's based in the 1920's, not sure what location will be modeled thinking about Enid OK.

    Edit: added last paragraph.

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  11. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    I put some of my HO scale items on top of the lights valence. The Frisco items, a building and vehicles are what Jim James gave me and the others is my first train from an Uncle in 1967. The height of the top of valence is 57 inches and it's 12.5 inches above track level on the N scale layout. My eye level is 67 inches so the HO layout will be just right for me. Will only have to move it when I want to do work in a better position.

    Thank you Jim for the HO items!!!


    20200627_182222_HDR.jpg 20200627_182232.jpg
  12. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    This afternoon I installed the small tanks and retaining walls around the two large tanks on the oil depot.

    Later this evening will continue working on the office/warehouse and guard shack.

    Having problems with loading a photo, will try again later.

  13. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    For some reason I just can't get into the oil depot project so this afternoon I fixed a turnout on module 04 that was giving problems and added more screws to the overhead valence. Tonight I'm going to attach the MFA Grain Mill to it's base and plant some trees on module 04. Also need to straighten up the hobby room and store some of the stuff that's in the way.

    Still having problems loading a photo, don't have any problems loading on Trainboard. When I select a file the little white bar shows it's thinking about it and then the bar just disappears. Don't know what is wrong.

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  14. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Oil depot with the small tanks and retaining walls.


  15. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Yesterday evening I replaced some hardware for the overhead valence safety chains and attached the MFA Grain Mill to it's base.

    This evening I'm going to work on the layout itself, not sure on which project yet there's a lot of choices.

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  16. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Module 04 MFA Grain Mill and 2-8-0 1332.



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