Bois D'Arc, Missouri Depot

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    Early cabinet card photograph of section gang in front of the Bois D'Arc, Missouri depot. Though photo is not dated, this is very likely a "Memphis" shot. Note female agent. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, TX

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    That's an oldie for sure. Note the attire of the workers. I would venture the 1890's at the latest.Thanks for sharing!
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    I believe that Jeff and Andre are correct with their date assessment. The key to dating this photograph lies with the depot platform. The Northern Division B&B Inventory, which I date to immediately post Memphis Road merger, and the Northern Division depot diagram book, dated Dec 2, 1915, show a “Cinder & Gravel” platform. The B&B Inventory is very good with its record keeping, and changes to structures are noted as the changes occurred, and from what I can see the inventory record was maintained at least through the early 1950’s. The addition of a plank platform is not noted, so I believe that the depot, which was built during 1878, was built with the plank platform. Evidently, platform was not renewed, and it was removed before the turn of the century.
    The depot was located on the south (compass) side of the tracks. See the attached 1904 Greene County Plat. The plat also describes the railroad as the “Frisco RR – Clinton Branch” which is a nod to “KCCS operation” of the line to Arcadia. After the merger with the Memphis Road, the Frisco found itself with 3 routes between KC and Springfield. At this time the KCCS (a Memphis Road) was still “independent”, so by allowing the “KCCS to operate” to Arcadia, the Frisco could claim that it operated but one line between KC and Springfield, i.e., the Clinton Sub, a.k.a the Highline. I have yet to determine the nature of this operation, but there is evidence that it did occur.

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    Love that photo. Now we're getting into my favorite era.
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    Durango Press used to make an HO-scale "Arm Strong" rail car like the one in this photo. Jim, have you picked up one of these to park alongside your Zalma or Greenbrier depot?

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    That's a great idea. I'm gonna check into it. My grandpa said that there was one at Greenbrier and he and his other childhood friends would ride on it until they got into trouble. I gotta get one for sure.

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