BNSF heritage units suggestion from Trains mag

Discussion in 'General' started by Bradley A. Scott, May 7, 2012.

  1. FriscoFriend

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    The Frisco unit is awesome! Bring it on!
  2. Iantha_Branch

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    The side view on the Frisco unit looked good, but the front view killed it, with the low position of the coonskin and the black anti reflective paint, it just killed it for me. But they are on the right track.

    Also I like how in the Trains article they mention all the major railroads that now make up BNSF, except for the Frisco...........

  3. Joseph Toth

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    What UP started with their heritage fleet, NS has put Uncle Pete in the passing siding and CSX and BNSF still sitting in the roundhouse!

    With so many historical socities representing so many Fallin' Flag railroads, Trains should work with all society administrators and CSX and BNSF as well as other roads who are giving serious thought about releasing heritage power in the near future. should be the official represenitive in regards to designing a Frisco unit as an example! It would be interesting to conduct a poll amoung members to determine what they think about which color scheme would best proclaim the glory of what the Frisco was to America's railroads and Frisco fans and former employees alike.

    If former editors David P. Morgan and J. David Ingles were still running the controls at Trains Magazine and lovely Rosemary Entringer handling all secretarial duties, the Frisco would not have been forgotten! In all respect, the current Trains staff has slipped somewhat and they need to apply a sufficent amount of sand to the rails and take another try at climbing the grade and at the same time not forget their roots or the dream that Al Kalmbach had when he introduced Trains Magazine to the world in 1940!

    Progress is required to move ahead but forgetting your past is a tragedy lest we forget. Southeast...Southwest...Ship IT on the Frisco! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, keep the headlight glow bright and the caboose markers lit so the Old Heads can share memories, the current members to enjoy and future generations to continue to carry the Frisco Flag with Pride!

    Joe Toth
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  4. Bruce Adams

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    Personally, I like both UP and NS 's approaches to heritage paint schemes. I would love BNSF to do dual (or multiple) versions for its predecessor roads.

    That way, we could have black-and-yellow and orange-and-white. Or, would red racehorses be better?

    On a side note, I don't know if the Warbonnet can be improved.

    - Bruce

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