Blairstown, Mo

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we are the Frisco Depot at Blairstown Missouri. Blairstown got its start when the railroad was extended to that point. A post office called Blairstown has been in operation since 1886. The city was named after railroad magnate John Insley Blair. The Frisco Depot was built here in 1884 complete ticket office, waiting room, sleeping chambers, and kitchen, There was an attached freight room as well.
    Photo 1) Frisco Depot Blairstown Missouri circa 1900s
    Photo 2) Frisco Depot Blairstown Missouri Blueprint ~MSU Digital Collection
    Photo 3) Map of Henry County Missouri
    Photo 4) Frisco Depot Blairstown Missouri 1954
    You can buy a model of this station here

    Frisco Depot Blairstown, Mo ca early 1900s.jpg Frisco Depot Blairstown, Mo plan.jpg Henry County Mo Map.jpg Frisco Depot Blairstown, Mo ca 1954.jpg
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