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Discussion in 'Structures' started by FriscoFriend, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I have just been informed that our good friend and manufacturer Dale Rush of Blair Line has introduced a set of Frisco specific ROW signs in both N and HO scale. Those of you at the Frisco Festival in Pittsburg may have already seen them. Anyway, here is his description of what the set consists of:

    "Railroad lineside signs designed using Frisco standard specification drawings. Crossbucks at Frisco standard angle, no trespassing, private property, keep off bridge, insufficient clearance signs and more."
    HO-#2801..........$5.00 N-#1801...........$4.00

    They can be viewed and ordered from him directly at or from your local hobby shop.

    While you're there be sure to check out the new roadside motel and Hudson Oil Gas Station he is releasing. For those of you modeling Oklahoma the Gas Station is a real gem.

    Some of you may not realize this, but Dale lives in Carthage, MO so the inspiration for many of his kits comes from the Midwest part of the country.

    Thanks Dale!

    Bob Hoover
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    Oh, happy day! Bob, thank you for the heads-up, and Dale, thank YOU for the outstanding product! This will save me scads of time on our HO-Scale Northern Division.

    Now, I'm not sure what my son will do for his ATSF trackage on said layout! :)

    Best Regards,
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    Dale is active on this website. The Frisco signs he came up with are from a direct discussion here on Thanks a million Dale! The signs are great.
    Bob Wintle MMR
    Parsons, Ks.
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    very cool.

    Thanks Dale!

  5. frisco1522

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    I just ordered some also.
  6. mark

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    Great job and thank you very much.

    These are really cool! Item numbers are HO scale 2801 and N scale 1801. Please see and page down to "SLSF (Frisco) RR signs".

    I sincerely hope modelers continue to support Blair Line products so Dale is encouraged to produce additional Frisco prototype items like his bridges, depots, billboards and now right of way signs.

    Thank you again Dale!

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    Dale -

    I also just ordered the Frisco sign set, plus some extra posts.


    ps - Keep it coming, more Frisco stuff please!

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