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    Very Nice!!!!!
  3. gjslsffan

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    Likes me some MAC's for sure, big EMD's, After all these years, they are getting kinda long in the tooth, but they will do the job. Likes me a couple ACE's to :) :). I see you used Yellow for the hand rails on the nose, thats a nice touch :)
    Great weathering too, looks like they have spent a lot more time on the road than in the shop for sure.
  4. dwoomer

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    Very cool! I've cobbled together a 60MAC for my modern-era unmerged Frisco but haven't got much farther. This is a fantastic set of motive power.
  5. HWB

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    Thanks to all. That's a horn from a TFM SD70MAC that was leading NS 339 the other day. It was stopped in Tuscaloosa waiting on the local to clear up. I got it as it got a clear signal and started rolling down the hill.

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