B'ham Sub Snow 1/10/11

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  1. trainchaser007

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    Attached are pictures of snow on the B'ham Sub at Sulligent, AL on 1/10/11. I left town too soon. When I pulled up at my house I heard a train. I raced back to the track just in time to take a few pics of a south bound coal train. The last unit had the BN's cream and green paint scheme (sorry I don't know what that one is called).
    1. Front St @ Hwy 17 looking East.
    2. A former BN caboose, donated by BNSF and repainted to look like a red SLSF caboose (may be a former SLSF caboose - haven't investigated yet). It sits on the concrete foundation of the SLSF depot which was demolished by BN in 1980.
    3. Looking East down the mainline from Elm St.
    4. A view of the old Sulligent Cotton Oil Company building on the north side of the tracks.
    5 & 6. Coal train
    7. BN unit with cream & green paint scheme.







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  2. wmrx

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    Nice pics. I'm sorry to report that the caboose is definitely of BN heritage and not Frisco.
  3. mflynn7

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    these are some nice photos but your 3rd picture is taken on the tracks. you realize this is trespassing and very dangerous. This is why so many railfans are stopped by police. There is always someone on these forums complaining about police stopping railfans for taking pictures. This is why.
  4. trainchaser007

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    I can see how the picture looks as if the photographer was standing on the tracks when it was taken. Actually, my wife did an excellent job of taking the picture from the passenger side of my truck as I drove through the crossing. She timed the picture perfectly which definitely makes it look like there was tresspassing involved.
    If taking a picture while moving through a crossing is tresspassing, then my wife is guilty, even if she has no interest in trains and was only doing me a favor!:D
  5. TAG1014

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    I'm amazed how the RR police can chase away the railfans (Who are about the ONLY supporters the railroads have left) but can't ever stop the gang grafitti taggers??

  6. HWB

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    Thanks for posting. I wish I could have been off to shoot some ice pics

    Not to hijack the thread..but

    Here in Tuscaloosa I've had good luck with the train crews. They like to blow the horn and put on a show. Amtrak crews especially. The South Alabama crews are the best. They really ham it up. They have SD40-2's and know how to work that horn handle.
  7. mflynn7

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    my apology, it did look as if it was taken from inbetween the tracks.
  8. mflynn7

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    where have you been chased away by RR Police?
  9. TAG1014

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    When the railroad WAS the Frisco, you could walk all over the Springfield yards and shop area with a camera. Employees and the RR detectives would smile and wave and and answer questions ("No. 31 is due about 6:15 PM" etc.) and just say "be careful"). After it became the BN, the RR "police" (Before it had just been RR "detectives" or "special agents") started driving squad cars with light bars and spotlights and would chase you off thier driveways and parking lots.


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