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Discussion in 'Birmingham Subdivision' started by trainchaser007, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. trainchaser007

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    Is there still a B'ham-Amory local? In Sulligent, the best thing about my 5th & 6th grade math class in the 80's was that it was the only classroom with a clear view all the way down to the crossing on Elm St. I remember watching the local stop to pick up pulpwood and drop off empty pulpwood cars. I couldn't see the pulpwood yard but I would listen for the horn and watch the train move back and forth across the crossing. I amazed at how much math I actually managed to learn at that time.
    Now all that we seem to see come through Sulligent are coal and stacked containers. No offense but those are so boring to watch. There is nothing like a local all mixed up. Again, is there still a B'ham-Amory local and if so, where are the customers between Jasper and Amory?
  2. timwillin

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    My father was a locomotive engineer for Frisco and made that run frequently.
  3. trainchaser007

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    That's awesome to hear. Do you know if he did switching for the pulpwood yard here in Sulligent in the late 80's? - Brandon
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    Every now and then there will be a general freight train come through Winfield. Glen Allen Rail gets covered hoppers in to be loaded and unloaded with stuff like gravel and sand. That's about the only place I can think of between Jasper and Amory.
  5. trainchaser007

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    Once and a while you can catch BNSF servicing lumber cars at a facility siding in Guin... west of the Hwy 278 crossing.

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