Baldwin Switcher retirement dates?

Discussion in 'Baldwin Locomotive Works' started by Iantha_Branch, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    I don't see any information on the forums currently. Does anyone have retirement dates for the Frisco's roster of Baldwin Switchers? All 3 models: VO 660, VO 1000 and DS 4-4-1000 would be great to know.
  2. gstout

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    According to Lou Marre/John Baskin Harper:

    DS-4-1000 July 1969 (#240); the remainder, December 1969
    VO-1000 (#200-237) retired between 1968-1979. The later retirements appear to be those units repowered with EMD prime movers. If you have a specific unit in mind, I can check.
    VO-660 (#600-601; later renumbered as #60-61). The authors do not indicate a retirement date for these units, but at least one was sill on the roster in 1965.

    Best I can do. Perhaps someone else can shed additional light on these two units.

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  3. Iantha_Branch

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    Mostly wanted to find out which of the units were the last to be retired.
    There are a few pictures in the archive dated in 1978, some of which are of units still in the B&Y scheme
    I found one picture of 205 dated June of 79.
  4. gstout

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    You are correct (I have amended my earlier reply so I don't appear stupid). Units #200-206, 210, 215 were retired in 1979. Specifically, #205 was retired in July 1979. Unit #204 (wrecked) was retired in 1978. All the later retirements were re-powered with EMD prime movers.


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