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    Former Frisco Cafe-lounge 1506 is available for imediate disposition. We are accepting any and all offers at this time. The car is currently stored on live rail in Puryear, TN. 1506 is on friction bearings, so it will need to be moved by truck, unless you have a set of rollers. It is on cast sideframe trucks. The carbody is in ok shape, but needs attention if it is to survive. There is some rust out in the side sheets, but not bad and there is some rust out along the roof line. The interior is gutted, but some original woodwork remains. The windowline is intact, so the exterior would be a straigt forward restoration. The car is for sale. but if no organization or person steps forward to purchase, we will consider donating to a qualified non-profit. If neither come forward, the car will be scrapped. This is against my nature, but due to certain circumstances, we can no longer keep the car. 1506 was saved once, but needs to be saved again.

    Please feel free to call me in the evenings: H 270-885-7475 or C 270-293-4000


    Stuart Hale :(

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