Auto Rack Cars (Help Wanted)

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  1. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    About two years ago Athearn announced that they would be producing 89' Trailer Train F89F in their Genesis line which represents the highest level of detail for them. As the link describes they were used for many purposes incluidng mounted with auto racks.

    At that time my contact with them asked me if I could help him by supplying blueprints of the racks so that they could produce them. To this date no one has been able to supply the detailed information that they need. He is telling me that most of these were built by a company called Whitehead & Kails.

    Does anyone know if the Frisco ones were built by this company, built by Frisco in their shops, or both? If the Frisco built their own, does a blueprint exist that I can provide to him? Also, is it possible that anyone might have a Whitehead & Kails blueprint?

    Any help, information, etc. on these can help us gert a highly detailed model produced.

    Thanks in advance.

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