Augusta, KS

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    Augusta, KS. 3/19/01

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    Re: Augusta, KS

    Hello all

    Here is another photos of the Frisco Depot in Augusta Kansas

    Take care, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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  3. Augusta KS early 1900's


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    :) 1923 Sanborn Map - Augusta Ks Station

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    Please see the following link for a trackside and street side view of the Augusta, KS depot.

    The depot's agent or operator bay faces north northwest. This was a train order office and the mast for the train order signal is still in place in front of the operator's bay.

    Augusta is on the Frisco's Wichita Subdivision, mile post 484.0. Please see,109.28,,0,4.87

    The depot address is 628 State Street.

    Hope this helps.


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    St. Louis-San Francisco Railway depot, Augusta, Kansas

    This photograph shows the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company depot in Augusta, Kansas. The combination depot features a passenger waiting room, a central office and a freight-baggage room. The one-story red brick structure is located along the Frisco, Northern Division, Wichita Subdivision mile post 484.0. On November 20, 2010 the depot was listed on the Register of Historic Kansas Places.

    Date: 1956

    Kansas Memory Web Site, Kansas Historical Society
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    Wonder what the old concrete foundation in the foreground was for? I can't make out anything in that location on the 1923 Sanborn map. And, it looks too close to the track center line to be non-railroad related? I reckon it could have been a trackside industry.

    Best Regards,
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  9. Augusta Frisco Depot's History
    National and State Registers of Historic Places - Kansas Histori...
    Kansas Historical Society

    Augusta Frisco Depot

    618 State Street
    Augusta (Butler County)
    Listed in State Register 2010-11-20

    Architect: The Saint Louis and San Francisco Railway Company
    Category: rail-related

    The St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Line built its first depot in Augusta in 1880, but that building burned in 1909. Plans for a new depot were immediately drawn up, and it closely resembled one of Frisco's six standard combination depots with a passenger waiting area at one end and a freight room at the opposite end. A detached baggage building was erected immediately east of the depot in 1917, and the two buildings were joined together under a single roof in the 1930s. Passenger service ended in 1960, and Frisco abandoned the building in 1984. It was nominated for its association with local transportation history.
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