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  1. geep07

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    I have a Athearn Genesis F3 B unit that a coupler box/pocket split and broke. Went to their web site and that part was not listed so I emailed them as per their instruction.
    They responded and that the part was available. They provided a part number as well as the cost and shipping.

    I was shocked but expected to be reamed at the cost. $6.98 for a pair of coupler box, they did not say if that included the coupler as well, I am assuming it does, however, $10.00 for shipping and handling and they specifically said that is their standard charge for any part no matter the zip code.

    So now I have a decision to make. Should I bend over and pay the piper or try to remedy the situation by another alternative. I have a good supply of Kadee coupler kits and happen to find one that worked.

    The $6.98 cost for the part did not bother me, but the $10.00 shipping and handling cost is absurd.

    And this is what they call as "We are totally committed to customer satisfaction". LOL
  2. gjslsffan

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    I have had this exact issue with Athearn.
    I get with other local folks and see if they need any thing some times 3 or so other guys want something so I order all the stuff and we split S/H. But what usually happens is I order waay too much stuff to justify the S/H cost. Which is why I gots boxes of stuff I really don't need.
    Or eBay for stuff too. Sometimes I find a deal there as well.
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  3. Not sure if it makes you feel better or worse john but Bowser is the same. I think that is how they get me to actually buy more than I need is so I justify the shipping to myself.
    Funny too, because eBay is sometimes the same. There is a guy with some Athearn RTR locos I was interested in. He advertised them 3-$90 . I figure I couldnt miss. Then I read the shipping was $54 !!!!! From Oakland Ca to Ohio. We have a little 2011 Ford Fiesta I am sure can drive there and back for $54. So at least it saved me buying more crap I dont need or have time to work on. HAHA
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  4. Coonskin

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    IMHO, you've already found your answer:

    "I have a good supply of Kadee coupler kits and happen to find one that worked."

    So it won't be "like original". Unless you're a stickler for your models being just as they were OEM, then no biggie.

    Shipping costs have gone up... but not as much as many, many sellers are charging. Instead, it's just another way to gain mark-up for them.

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  5. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    John, as imfo: I have the same thing on order, that should be arriving any day. I ordered extra so if you want we can work something out, I will send you one. PM me if you want. Bill
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  6. geep07

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    You are absolutely correct.
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  7. geep07

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    Steve, Bowser is the same. I ordered a Leslie 5 chime air horn from them and the price was $5.98 and shipping was $9.00
    I was furious that shipping cost was more than the air horn. I called them out on this, and they where able to get shipping down to $1.69 (they saw the point in this) In my opinion if everyone would take the initiative and complain to costumer service dep't about outrageous shipping cost for small items .
  8. gjslsffan

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    Hey John
    I think they call that "getting railroaded". :)
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