Athearn Genesis GP50s

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    While not exactly Frisco, Athearn now has their new run of GP50s in stock, which includes a couple options in Frisco colors. BN #3100 as delivered with its orange frisco styled cab number and the black BN stencil later applied. Has anyone considered picking one up just for kicks? I've thought about getting one to renumber to the 790 series.
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  2. meteor910

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    It would be good for the cause to run an o/w GP50 numbered in the 790 series!

    Too bad they never got into service as 790's before the BN gangreen got ahold of us. Even so, no matter what their livery, they weren't real good. Just like the GP35 567 engine, EMD pushed the GP50 645 a bit too far.

  3. I had bought the RTR version they released a while back just to leave as a 3100. Here is the 798 I did if the Frisco had lived. Kinda along Ethans thoughts.
  4. Sirfoldalot

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    Ah So Solly, STEVE, but I cannot like this one. I think overall your work is fantastic, but this one "bombed" to me!
    IMHO the colors are "blah" and washed out. Some of the worst looking locomotives to me were the dirty KCS white with red lettering - IMHO it looked worse than the old, faded, former, red F Units.
    This yellowish, washed out SLSF just does not cut it ... nope, nope - not my cup of tea!
  5. Sorry Sherrel no thumbs down button on this form so I have to like it!! LoL

    Funny you commented now because the same pictures have been on here a year or two.

    Tom should really get the blame because he had asked what a modern Frisco covered hopper should look like. So I built one, then another, then figured they need some power, so here we are.

    Now here was my logic to why it looks like this. We all know the Frisco was not shy about new paint schemes every 15 years or so. The diesels always just a knock off from a demo scheme. Now days there are so many schemes I had to just wing it. I agree the KCS inspired look is not the best, but for a guy that likes dirty Equipment it’s perfect. Ha. Add the modern trend to grade crossing visibility bright colors. The lettering needed to be an early 90s font so enter SPSF. Easy to rearrange to SLSF if you buy enough sets. I have seen several other “ what if” the Frisco lived schemes on models. I just do not believe for one second a railroad that went from black and yellow to orange and white would have kept it 45 years. No chance.

    To make it better. I have taken this and the covered hopper cars to two Railroad Prototype Modelers meets, plus MRH used it as the email header for an issue. But not ONCE did a single person ever say... hey that never existed. Hahahaha. So see, now you are obligated to like it since you know the whole story. :)

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  6. BtW if this rubbed ya raw, you are going to REALLY hate the C-39W spartan cab that is almost done.
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  7. gjslsffan

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    I am an innocent man, being framed!!

  8. That's funny Tom
  9. meteor910

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    That's the beauty of this hobby based on this great railroad ..... we are each our own CEO's and can have our cake and eat it too!
    Great hobby!
  10. Sirfoldalot

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    NOPE, STEVE, I don't care what you do with the women and children - just leave me alone! :p
  11. Hahahaha nope too late!
  12. gjslsffan

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    Can't believe I got rid of all my SL-SF GP50s
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  13. Sellers remorse scares me Tom, so I am essentially a hoarder I guess. If it makes you feel better I have really kicked myself for not bidding higher on the blue caboose you sold. No reason I didn't. I just picked a number and thought ...OK. oops
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  14. Coonskin

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    Seller's remorse:

    I've had seller's remorse on a few items over the years:

    * It would be nice to have all those Front Range/Mashima Frisco Gp7's I built now. However, that would be more engines that need a decoder. ($$$)

    * Never should have sold my '73 Jawa 250 ISDT a few years ago. Way stupid move.

    * Should have hung on to my '72 DKW MC125 that I purchased new in '72. (Instead of trading it AND its trailer in '74 for a used Baldwin bass guitar to play in the church.)

    Ah, but you don't get "do-overs" in life, so it is that it is!

  15. gjslsffan

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    I have buyers remorse, sellers remorse, and a few other remorses. Yep, I pretty much have all the remorses covered.
  16. Coonskin

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    Yes, I even have remorse of the remorses.

  17. gjslsffan

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    AS long as we don't have rigor-Mortis.

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