Ashley or Greenwood (City) Depot in Kansas

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    Thank you for the info.
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    I have access to copies of Frisco right-of-way valuation maps for this area and I have looked at the one dated June 30, 1918 and have found the following information for Ashley, Kansas in Greenwood County:

    No depot showing on map, just a sign board and a chat platform 8' x 70', 10' x 14' tool house and 32' x 16' section house. Also a 8' x 10' brick cistern with filter for the section house. All on south side of main.

    Also shows a short siding on the north side of the main protected by derails and signs on both ends.

    Town was not large enough to have an individual station map, this information came from a section map that entails from MP 374.0 to MP 400.0. Last revision date on map was 1926.

    Hope this helps,
    John Chambers
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    My wife grew up in rurual Greenwood County and has a book published in 1986 entitled "The History of Greenwood County, Kansas". There is no listing for an Ashley, KS in the book, but there is one for Greenwood City.
    By John's description of location between MP 374 and MP 400 that would put Ashley somewhere between Oswego and Cherryvale and either in Labette or Montgomery County. John can jump in here and post the exact MP location or close to it.
    As far as Greenwood City is concerned it only lasted as a town for 4 years between 1871 and 1874 and at one time had 900 residents. As many other upstart towns of the time it didn't last partially because it was bypassed by the railroad, in this case by 3 miles. the railroad was not the Frisco but the St. Louis, Ft. Scott, and Wichita which later became the Missouri Pacific. For reference and location purposes, the nearby town that got the railroad was Toronto.
    If you are doing research of genealogical nature, please contact me by PM and we can discuss the people involved in Greenwood City.

    Bob Hoover
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    Is there anyway to get a copy of that book?
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    The 1907 list of stations gives the following information:

    Western Division, Wichita District, 432.2, Sta.#F 432 (Prepaid Station), Ashley, Kas., no agent listed. Per the station list, Wichita District runs from 401.2 Neodesha, Kas to 499.0 Minneha, Kas.

    Ashley is still listed in the 1926 list, now on the Wichita Sub-Division of the Northern Division.
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    I may need to stand corrected on my post on the location of Ashley. Lloyd Stagner's book lists Ashley at being at milepost 449.7 which would put it about midway between Fall River and Severy.

    Bob Hoover
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    Attached are two maps showing Greenwood/Ashley. I knew I had seen a topo map that listed Ashley, but the challenge was going through all of my Frisco files trying to find it. The other is a map from 1884, showing the town of "Greenwood" in basically the same place as "Ashley." I hope this helps you guys.

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    Frisco Passenger Train Derailed in Kansas
    and Many Passengers Are Hurt.
    Particulars Are Meager.
    Wichita, Kan., June 8. --The 'Frisco passenger train which left here at 1 o'clock for the East, was wrecked at Greenwood at 4 o'clock this afternoon, but so far as heard from no one was killed. Conductor E.C. ACRES had his leg broken and was seriously hurt about the head. It is said he cannot live.
    The dining car and sleeper were both burned, catching fire from the cooking range.
    The dining car was ahead of the sleeper. Its front axle broke, the car falling to the track at that end. The Pullman tipped over it and both fell off the track at that end. Governor Stanley's partner, Mr. Vermillion, telegraphs to the Eagle that many are seriously injured. A wrecking train which left here at 5 o'clock carrying physicians has not yet returned.
    A telegram received here late to-night from the scene of the wreck says that seven persons are very seriously injured. No names have been obtainable so far.
    The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 9 Jun 1901
    The fatally injured are: Mrs. K. W. Smith of New Kirk, O. T., and Conductor Eckers. The names of the other injured are not yet obtainable.
    Davenport Daily Leader, Davenport, IA 9 Jun 1901
    Causes Death of Two and injury of Others.
    Wichita, Kan., June 8, --Eastbound Frisco passenger train No. 108, which left here this afternoon, was wrecked at Greenwood, sixty miles east, injuring ten persons, two of whom may die. Fatally injured:
    MRS. W. H. SMITH of Newkirk, O.T.
    Conductor ECKERS.
    The names of the others injured are not yet obtainable. All the injured have ben [sic] taken to Fall River and physicians have gone from here to attend them.
    The train was going at the rate of thirty miles an hour and at an abrupt turn at Greenwood station the dining car and sleeper jumped the track. The range in the dining car was upset and live coals set fire to the car and both derailed cars were totally consumed. None of the other passenger coaches were injured.
    The Daily Review, Decatur, Illinois 9 Jun 1901

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