Art Griffin Decals for the Frisco

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    Hi Y'all,

    I have been in communication with Art Griffin concerning his line of decals. He has a good selection of decals for Frisco and the lines of the Frisco System prior to 1910. Art's decals are taken directly from the car, not some facsimile. What you receive is what is taken directly from a periodical car. You will NOT find these decals anywhere else.

    You can find his catalog by clicking this link: Art Griffin Decals

    Use the "find" option under the edit heading of your browser and you can put in terms like "frisco","C&EI","FW&RG", etc.

    Art's conditions of sale are simple and listed on the heading of his page.

    Please help support a wonderful man who has done much to preserve the golden years of railroading.

    Here are some examples of the Frisco decals he has that are 100% accurate.




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