Arkansas & Ozarks Railroad-1954

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  1. The turntable is from the Ft. Smith roundhouse. I think its cool how it and the doors(now at the Trolley Muesum in Ft.Smith) survived. I think it would look nice to see the SW-1 in Frisco colors, but I don't think ES&NA would do it.
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    I like the frisco color idea for the SW-1 but I allways wanted to see it in A&O livery, and the coaches tuscan red. I don't know how much longer they can hold out, it's starting to look like the pics in Dr. Fairs book after the 46 shutdown there in Eureka.
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    The A&O scheme on the SW-1 would work too! Where did the 70 tonners go?

    Now somebody with $ needs to purchase the line and promote tourism in the area!

    A pity that I wasn´t born with a golden spike in my mouth.

    Joe Toth
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    Brian Waller, this thread is about Arkansas & Ozarks railroad, not the ES&NA, therefore your post about the ES&NA has been deleted.
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    Hello again Joseph,
    After the A&O shut down, about 1960, the 70 tonners were hauled by low boy trailer to the Fort Dodge Des Moines and Southern which was another railroad owned by the Salzberg family. The 800 was eventually sold to a scrap dealer in canada and was scraped for parts, the 900 made it's way to the Santa Maria Railroad as there number 70. The last I heard the old girl was servicable, but not used very often.
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    The 800 ended up being sold to the Laurinburg & Southern Railroad, Feb. 1975, to be used for parts. It arrived on the property with a broken crankshaft. Jeff
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    Jeff, thank you for the correction and the info, I hadn't known were the 8 had ended up. Wow, I wonder if there's a sad little pile of junk with just a hint of orange paint showing through..........
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    Thanks Craig about the fate of the 70 tonners. Is the Salzberg family still in the RR bizz anywhere?

    It appears that one man wants to save the ES&NA tourist operation. Though not directly related to this thread I would like to see the line saved. The heritage includes the original M&NA, M&A, A&O and even the Cotton Plant shortline that was operated on the far eastern part of the M&A. If Brian Waller is sincere about his plans it would surely help tourism in the area and might be a new place to get some Frisco equipment saved as well since the Frisco did have an interest in the M&NA, right?

    Joe Toth
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    Thanks for these historic pics. Are there any surviving pics of any boxcars in A&O RR livery? I looked for sometime via Google with no luck.
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    The A&O had two GE 70 Tonners, two ex-M&A cabooses, and a handful of company service flats and ballast cars. I do not believe that the road had any equipment available for interchange.
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    Thanks for sharing these! The first layout section that Ozark Model Railroad Association (OMRA) in Springfield, MO started out with parallels this railroad. It is connected at Seligman, just like it did in real life. This part of the layout has code 70 and smaller track on it, where as the rest has code 100. I have an album here on the site that has photos of OMRA's clubhouse layout.
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    I believe this represents the Kings River Bridge looking at the photos posted in this topic. It is part of the OMRA clubhouse layout, and is on the portion modeled after the Arkansas & Ozarks line. Yeah, I know the Rock Island train looks out of place here.

    kings river.jpg
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  13. The Rock Island isn't all to out of place on the M&NA. The M&A leased a couple CRIP steamers, and later bought them. During the lease the engines were in full CRIP paint.
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    Yeah Murphy, those were part of my personal fleet. When I went to the club on a regular basis before they raised the membership fees, I brought them there and used them as a modeling theme for the picture. I thought it looked cool on that high bridge. I don't have that locomotive anymore, but I still have the cars behind it.
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    Another scene here features what represents the "Narrows" and the bridge at Beaver, AR. that's right behind where my 5 year old son (at the time this photo was taken) is sitting

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    Is this layout and club still running? I'd like to vist it on my next springfield trip.
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    Yes, it's still open. They open the clubhouse each Tuesday night, except when they have their business meeting, which is once a month. It's open around 6:30 or 7PM and goes until about 10PM on Tuesday nights. BTW, that photo with my son was taken about 10 years ago. He's now 16.
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    Thanks for the great A&O photos. My grandfather, great uncle, and mother all worked for the M&NA/M&A, with my grandfather continuing to work with a few of the other office folks after the road shut down to complete ongoing paperwork and to finish out railroad retirement. The line ran through our farm near Capps. I've had a lifelong interest in the line and it probably had something to do with my profession as a railroad civil engineer. I rode from Harrison to Alpena one Sunday morning with Jack Halter and Frank Green on their run to Seligman in #900 to pick up more strawberry reefers, courtesy of my grandfather. I was about 11 or 12 at the time, and the views from the cab echoed the ones in this thread. I've recently driven as much of the south end as I could from Helena to Harrison, and will probably drive the Harrison to Joplin segment next fall when the leaves are down. What manual labor, blasting powder, and horse-drawn scrapers accomplished was inspiring coming from the perspective on current heavy civil construction practices.
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    A&O grade crossing at the east end of Pender Switch, looking west toward Seligman. April 2016. Westbound trains often broken in half here and taken into town in sections to beat the grade.

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    Congratulations ScottM on the publication of your article "Arkansas and Ozarks in "Trains and Railroads of the Past". Issue #10.

    Thankful you contacted me and my family was able to contribute to your project (Ramona Fletcher is my mother, Marty Fletcher is my brother, Knial Williams is my uncle, Genoa Williams, deceased, was my great uncle.)
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