Arkansas & Ozarks Railroad-1954

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    Iam not aware of a A&O bood, but there is a M&NA book, actually two books, at the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Depot on the little tourist RR. A Phone call or E-mail should let you know if they still have them.
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    I have greatly enjoyed the Arkansas & Ozarks images posted by Jeff over the past several years. In the late 1960s, I purchased a few 35mm slides and a few of the larger 2.25x2.25 slides of the A&O, all from Stanley McCarthy, whom I assume to be the original photographer. These were later misplaced for a number of years, but have recently been rediscovered, and can provide a little more coverage for this line. The first two images are at Harrison, December 1956.
    Bill Pollard

    12-56w.jpg Harrison-12-56w.jpg
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    The next three images of the A&O were taken at or near Harrison, on May 30, 1959. Can anyone identify the train crewmen pictured? Apologies for the photos seeming to run together -- If someone can explain how to space them apart, I will re-edit post.
    Bill Pollard

    5-30-59bw.jpg 5-30-59cw.jpg 5-30-59w.jpg
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    The final four images show bridges and trestles on the A&O, taken on May 19, 1962, after the railroad had ceased operation. The need for maintenance on some of the bridges is obvious. See the file names for identity of bridges, as indicated on the slide mounts.
    Bill Pollard

    White-River_5-19-62w.jpg Beaver_5-19-62w.jpg Beaver-2-5-19-62w.jpg Leatherwood-Cr_5-19-62w.jpg
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    These are some wonderful shots!! This thread is approaching 11,000 views!! Must be just a little bit of interest in the Arkansas & Ozarks. Thanks for posting Bill. Jeff Cooney
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    Superb and RARE photos of such an obscure connection to the Frisco!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing with us!
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    Ditto... very much appreciated.
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    That one view of the trestle looks like my HO work from many decades ago. There is a prototype for every thing!:rolleyes:
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    Small story time. As a kid, my grandfather (of Joplin) would take me on fishing excursions down through old Tipton Ford and , eventually to his favorite "spot" on Shoal Creek. Everytime we'd pass Tipton Ford (on old old 71) he'd tell me he remembered the time "that the streetcar hit the Kansas City Southern train here" and which of his friends were killed in the wreck. Of course it took me growing up to realize that what he called a "streetcar" was the M&NA motor car accident of 1914.
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    Those bridge pictures are spooky. I wonder if they were that bad when the railroad was still in operation? I've been over some bad bridges in my time, but nothing like that. I'd hate to go in the drink on a train. They make a great submarine until it's time to surface. From there on, their value rapidly diminishes. ;)
  11. I just got a 1953 Frisco travel brochure for travel to Eureka Springs. According to the brochure the Frisco used buses from Monett,MO down to Eureka Springs, but Did the Frisco ever send a passenger train on this route though(over A&O)? or was this strictly a bus connection. I think it would be cool to see the A&O diesels pulling red and silver coaches into the Eureka Springs depot.
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    Passenger service ceased on the line to Eureka and beyond when the Missouri & Arkansas folded their tent in 1946. When the A&O fired up a couple years or so later, it was freight only.

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    Beautiful pix folks! I am a Missouri & Arkansas fan. Love the doodlebug "streamliner" they operated! When I was knee high to a Texas grasshopper (late late 40s/early 50s) there was a big Ozarka Spring Water billboard next to the Cotton Belt´s mainline wood trestle that crossed US 77 just south of downtown Dallas. It was lit at night and had flowing water! I remember the big bottles in stores. My grandparents had spring water on their farm north of Dallas at Farmers Branch so they never bought any of the water. A pity. Bet it tasted great! The Frisco´s Ft. Worth-Sherman mainline ran behind the farm through the woods. The SSW mainline became the Dallas North Tollway. Ah, progress?

    Love 70 ton powered shortlines. A&O is tops, Tallulah Falls in North Georgia is another one. Walt Disney filmed the epic War Between the States movie "Great Locomotive Chase" on the TF and even considered purchasing it and running it as a tourist road. Sadly, it is gone. At least part of the M&NA is still running.

    How about an Arkansas shortline book in color? A publisher like TLC would probably be a good bet to consider undertaking such a project. Checking I found severial copies of Mr. Fair´s book. Prices range from $17.50 to $85.00.

    Joe Toth
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  14. Thanks for the info Andre. Too bad A&O didn't run any passenger trains, but then again with the condition of the A&O trackage in some spots it maybe better that they didn't.
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    What part of the MNA is still running? As far as I know all rail is gone except for maybe a small piece of track in Searcy used by the UP owned DK&S. If you are thinking of the Missouri and Northern Arkansas shortline owned by Rail America, that is former Mop and Katy track with a little Frisco in Joplin. My grandfather Bruce Holloway worked for the MNA as a telegrapher from the end of WWI to 1922 during the big strike. He then went to work for the Midland Valley in Hartford, Ark and ended his career with the MV in Wichita, Kansas as the last station agent when they were sold to the T&P.

    John Chambers

    John Chambers
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    I assumed the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas tourist operation operates on former M&NA right-of-way? Please correct my error if I am wrong. I wasn´t refering to a common carrier operating on the original ROW. My apologies!

    Joe Toth
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    Many thanks to all of you who provided information on one of my favorite abandoned railroads. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Arkansas and Ozarks in color. I have Jim Fair's book, which I obtained in 1975 and is still on my bookshelf. All of the photos are B&W so I didn't know. I have no plans to model the A&O, but I think the colors would be difficult to match although the cream wouldn't be too bad.

    I had an interesting oddyssey obtaining the book when I did. It was out of print and there were no plans for a second edition. No Ebay or Amazon back then. A friend from a railfan group I belonged to suggested I call the author, and I did. Mr. Fair was an interesting man and a great conversationalist. He gave me the name of a lady who bought and sold books as a hobby, and after a long wait, she obtained a copy. She sold it to me for &17.50. (Fairly pricey for 1975.) I've had it ever since.

    Something about abandoned railroads attracts me. Anyone can cover an operating RR, but to track through the hills and dales looking for remains, and talking to local folks is quite a challenge. Unfortunately, my hiking days are done but this website is a great substitute.
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    Hi Joe, your right, the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas tourist operation does run on the old right of way of the MNA. I have painted a few spectrum 70 tonners for the A&O and D&RGW orange seems to be a pretty good match, as to the cream, well that has been a long running descussion if the units were cream or white. GE records say that they were painted a light yellow cream but later color pics seem to show white. Both loco's were repainted at least once during there 10 years on the railroad and I am thinking that the A&O just used white when they repainted them, or maybe the cream just faded over time, it would be great if a color builders photo could be found. Thanks all, Craig
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    Bet the 70 tonners look neat! My guess on the cream color is it faded to a white. The Seaboard Air Line´s E unit fleet in later years faded to an almost white though the color was a very light green when applied fresh.

    Is the turntable on the ES&NA really a from the Frisco? The SW-1 would really look great in Frisco black and yellow considering the close relationship between the SL-SF and the M&NA. Good chance I will get threatened to get tar & feathered again for dreamin´ Frisco again.


    Joe Toth
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    If I remember correctly, the turntable is Frisco and it came from Ft. Smith, AR. Keep in mind that is based on a visit way back in 1988.

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