Arkansas & Ozarks Railroad-1954

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    I realize I am taking a bit of a risk posting non-Frisco photos on this site but felt there was enough of a connection (as the A & O's only connection to the outside world was to the SLSF at Seligman, MO) to go ahead and give it a shot. While the Arkansas & Ozarks life was fairly short lived from April, 1949 until May, 1960, the overall history of the line and it's former operators has almost reached fabled status. I won't attempt to cover the history of the road as I am sure most are aware, but enjoy these shots of a trip made November 13, 1954. These photos were taken by Harold Henre (deceased) of Kansas City. Shots as follows: 1-Coming down the hill from Seligman through Butler Hollow. 2-Rolling out on to the White River bridge at Beaver, AR, 3-Looking back on the train through "The Narrows" and on to the Leatherwood Creek Bridge, 4-Up the hill from "Junction" and on to the large curved trestle, bridge no. 78.7, and 5-Up hill towards the tunnel. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, Texas

    A&O_17.jpg A&O_10.jpg A&O_09.jpg A&O_11.jpg A&O_12.jpg
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    Shot 6-Up the hill to the tunnel, 7-Tunnel, AR (as identifed in the TT), 8-Downhill towards Grandview, AR with engineer Jack Hammons in frame, 9-The Kings River bridge, 10-Looking back on train crossing the Kings River bridge.

    A&O_13.jpg A&O_14.jpg A&O_15.jpg A&O_04.jpg A&O_05.jpg
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    Shot 11-Train crossing Kings River bridge, 12-Crew at Green Forest, AR, left to right, Ray Mathias, General Manager Jack Halter, Jack Hammons, and Jess Moody, 13-GE 70 tonners on north leg of wye either headed towards or coming back from Eureka Springs, AR 1.8 miles south, 14-caboose 301 (the other was 300), and 15-the depot at Beaver, AR. I apologize if I have upset anyone with posting these on a dedicated Frisco site but again. I felt there was enough of a tie with the Frisco through freight interchange that they were warranted. Hope you enjoyed them. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, Texas

    A&O_16.jpg A&O_18.jpg A&O_07.jpg A&O_06.jpg A&O_02.jpg
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    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos Jeff. Doug
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    I think they are justifiable. That looks like an ex-Frisco caboose.
  6. I'm certainly not complaining! Great shots, and thanks for sharing them.

    Bradley A. Scott
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    Many, many Thanks Jeff!

    I am collecting rolling stock and equipment to model Seligman in HO. I'm waiting until I start my next job before actually starting the layout. I may have to move and I don't want to damage it right after building.

    I have seen very few color shots of the A&O. I've seen what was posted on the North Arkansas website (RIP), the Yahoo groups site for M&NA and some pics of other Salzburg [sp?] lines on the fallenflags site which may have included these diesels after the A&O was shut down.

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    Thanks for posting the rare pictures. They certainly make an obscure line a lot more vivid.
    Jess Moody, shown in one of the images, was present at the Harrison Railroad Days at the Boone County Railroad and History Museum in Harrison about three years ago.
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    WOW, GREAT shots please let us know if you have any more. I'm a huge A&O (M&NA) fan. THANKS
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    The pics are terrific. Thanks for sharing.

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    I agree, excellent and rare shots. I am currently modeling this line in a Rail Sim called Trainz.
    Thank you, Mike ( in Eureka Springs )
    PS: If any of you can direct me to any more A&O or predecessor lines photos or information please let me know. I am a member of the Boone county Historical society and receive the Oak Leaves publication. I have most or all of the back issues. If I can help anyone let me know.
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    Thanks for sharing the photos Jeff. They sure brought back a lot of memories as I got a cab ride from Berryville, Arkansas to Seligman, Mo. in 1956. The train was so long we never saw the caboose and they had to split it on Seligman hill and make two drags. It took about seven hours as we had to wait on a flat car of cedar posts to be loaded by hand in Eureka Springs. We stopped at Beaver to get a coke at the store and made to Seligman after dark.
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    Hi all,
    I would like to thank frisco4301 for posting the pics. They brought tears to my eyes. I was raised in Seligman and I remember spending the hot summers in Butler Hollow picking up telegraph insulators and selling them to the gift shops in town. All the years that I lived there, I never saw one picture of the railroad that the "oldtimers" talked about. My family and I moved away in my highschool years and then I joined the military, so never went back. I am writing a little history of myself for my family and friends and I was digging for history of Seligman, M&NA and the A&O when I ran across your site and pics. Very nice site you have here. I will definitely come more often. Thanks all!

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    There is a company called V-Scale Creations that has a MSTS based add-on of the St. Louis & North Arkansas based in 1903 (I belive). There is also a "what if" of the same line set in the late 1980s with A&M Alco's doing the work. The guy that did all the work/created the add-on is a big Frisco fan. And infact works for the A&M out of Ft. Smith. Here is a link to site if you looking for some information.
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    I thought I would add a few more shots to this thread. While these may not have the bang of the first grouping, they are still rare non-the-less. Photo one is of southbound train with GE 70 tonner No. 900 and 7 car train just east of Alpena, AR, September 6, 1951. Photo taken from US62 highway. Photo 2 is of the Alpena, AR depot, a standard No. 2 design almost identical to several Frisco depots. Photo 3 is of the south switch for the house track at Beaver, AR, October, 1958. Photo 4 is a very rare shot of a Eureka Spring (Spring not Springs) Water Co. car in Eureka Springs, AR, June 23, 1953. Photo 5 is a ex M&NA/M&A pile driver, Harrison, AR, August 31, 1953. Photos 1 and 2 taken by Jack Pfeifer. Photos 3-4-5, Harold Henre.

    A&O_00.jpg A&O_01.jpg A&O_03.jpg A&O_08.jpg M&A Pile Driver 8-31-53.jpg
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    M&A Martineau Motorcar Harrison 9-6-51.jpg M&A Motorcar Harrison.jpg M&A Harrison shops & turntable.jpg M&A #15 Harrison 9-6-51.jpg M&A #15 & #14 Harrison 9-6-51.jpg The next group of photos begin with No. 1, Motor Car John E. Martineau, car no. 726, September 6, 1951, Harrison, AR. Photo 2, same car, Harrison, June 23, 1953. Photo 3, shops and turntable, Harrison, September 6, 1951. Photo 4, M&A No. 15, Harrison, AR, September 6, 1951 and photo 5, locomotives 15 and 14, box car 01039 and tender from 15, Harrison, 9-6-51. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, Texas
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    Thanks again Jeff,

    I appreciate these very much.

    44Don22 (and anyone else interested) in case you didn't already know, there is a Yahoo Group for North Arkansas Line fans. Free. Just register.

    There are some more pics there.

    Last but not least, thank you for your service to our country.

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    I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the A&O photos. I've been obsessed with this railroad for about the last 15 years, since I bought Fair's book. I prefer the A&O to the lines from which it came, and the Seligman connection is of special interest. My job takes me to Joplin, Neosho, and Cassville every three weeks, and I have spent much time tracing the A&O from Seligman down through Butler Hollow. I thought I was the only one.

    Thanks again for the photos and the recollections; Frisco will always be #1 with me, but A&O is a close second.

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    I enjoy all the photos of anything Frisco or A&O or MNA. I was born and raised in Seligman and grew during the era of the A&O. The massive depot(I thought it was as a kid) that served both railroads was still here and though the A&O didn't have passenger service, the large waiting room still had the old MNA call boards with train info still written on them. The waiting room was always locked because passenger serve had pretty much died on the Frisco by the mid '50s in Seligman. The old water tower was still in place just south of the station platform. The old MNA turntable was still in place but never used. All the side tracks were still used. My family had a feed store on the west side of the tracks that unloaded cars of feed.
    During the A&O time they would bring a train up from Harrison and overnight in Seligman. They had electrical hookups so they could park on the north part of their track and plug in the caboose for the nights stay. Then head back to Harrison the next morning.
    These things are all gone now. There was even a livestock pin to load livestock on the railroad.
    I enjoy reading the stories that everyone has posted though I haven't even gotten close to read them all.
    Keep the pictures coming.
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    ScottM and anyone else interested,

    Since your job takes you to Joplin, Neosho and Cassville... and in case you haven't done this already, and noting that you prefer the A&O to its predecessors, you may still find this interesting. You can trace the Missouri & Arkansas (M&A) road bed from Wayne (south of Exeter) through Ridgely, Wheaton (depot bldg there) Fair View, Stark City and on over to Neosho joining the KCS rail yard from valley to the east. Some bldgs have been built on the road bed, which adds to the challenge, but it's there. There is a flag stop platform and caboose at Monark Springs. I haven't been to the Joplin KCS Union Terminal lately. It is still there I hope. Can anyone confirm this?

    Leaving the former Frisco rails (now Arkansas and Missouri) in Wayne, I believe one of the local roads is built on the M&A railroad bed for a time.

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