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  1. Jim James

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    My sincere apologies to Yardmaster and Pat Moreland and others. I've never noticed the Visitors Messages until today and I see that I missed some questions as far back as April. I'm sorry. You weren't snubbed on purpose I'm just not very Forum experienced apparently. No hard feelings please.
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    There are several user unfriendly features on this board. Some that I found after a long search are the "find all posts" tab and three other (Invisible) tabs which have almost invisible "ghost" lettering.

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  3. wpmoreland719

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    No apologies are nescessary, Jim. It's been a while since I posted any visitor messages on your profile, but I do visit it every now and then to study pictures of your Zalma Branch layout. The Zalma Branch almost mirrors the operations that were spun off of the Salem Branch in Crawford and Dent counties in the WWI era. And you've done such a great job representing Ozark branch line operations from around that time that I can't help but take ideas from it.

    Again, please, no worries!

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
  4. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    I never thought about anyone looking at my profile page or my album photos. I can add more pictures to it but never thought about it. I need to sharpen my forum skills!
  5. yardmaster

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    Oh, no worries Jim. Generally my memory's not long enough to allow for any hard feelings! :) I'd forgotten that I'd put anything there, much less what I'd left.

    As it is, I'm horrible about checking my private messages.

    Best Regards,

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