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Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by Mike.P, Apr 19, 2010.

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    I'm looking for photos of boxcars with the "Frisco Fast Freight" logo on the sides. Also I would like to know the history of this paint shceme. What type of equipment was it painted on, what was the series numbers, and what year did this paint scheme start.

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    Mike -
    Not sure if you're referring to the circle "FFF" logo (similar to the "fireball" on the tenders of the 4500-class Northerns) or the slanted "Frisco Faster Freight" script on some of the post-war boxcars.

    If the former, here's a photo of a USRA double-sheathed boxcar rebuild from the Springfield-Greene County Library:

    Insofar as I know, this scheme was applied sparingly. I think the "light" color was more of an off-white or cream, with boxcar red ends, roof and doors, or somewhere thereabouts. The kit notes with Sunshine Models Kit 4.2 has a more thorough description along with data on which numbers definitely appeared in this scheme. I'll look for it at home (unless someone else can clarify here).

    Alternatively, the following thread also has some other information:

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    Thanks Chris;

    What I was hopeing for was the script "Frisco Fast Freight" like some of the hoppers have on them.

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    I think there was supposed to be only one hopper with that script. Ken McElreath has posted a picture of his model of that car somewhere on this chat board (Can't locate it now) and made mention of that fact. That car was in the RMC article about Ken's layout.

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    Mike, thanks for clarifying.
    Yesterday I stumbled across some old notes from the Frisco e-mail list (well before debuted) on this topic.

    Mike Condren wrote:
    "The 'Frisco Fast Freight' theme died in 1948 with the reorganization after receivership under the '60s, FFF cars were very rare, I have no shots of them and I was shooting lots of freight cars in and aroudn Springfield. Thus, by the '70s they would definitely be gone."

    Freight Car afficianado Ed Hawkins also provided input on the Frisco's 1937 AAR box cars, but that he had not seen any of the group with the "Frisco Fast Freight" slogan. To wit: a builder's photo of #146186 (Blt 12-38) had the pre-war, small "FRISCO LINES" Coonskin.

    A later photo of #140009 (Blt 10-40, Reweigh 5-55) shows the "Ship IT on the Frisco!" slogan.

    As far as any other individual numbers, one would just about have to either go off of photographic evidence, or use conjecture with this slogan if modeling the late 40s/early 50s. There might even be information in some of the old FMIG newsletters, but I haven't indexed beyond NL #22 yet.

    I wish I'd saved and printed more of the info from the old e-mail list. I may have e-mails actually burned to a CD-ROM somewhere. It harkens back when I knew next-to-nothing about the prototype SL-SF (and I'm still not too far ahead of that some 15 years later).

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    I went to a friends house and spent part of the day looking at old magazines and came up with this info.

    October 1993 - Railmodel Journal
    Author - Ed Hawkins
    "Modeling 40-Foot PS-1 Box Car Part 5"
    Roster on page 27
    SLSF Series 17300-17799, Blt 6-51, 8' Youngstown Doors
    SLSF Series 17800-18049, Blt 12-52 8' Youngstown Doors
    painted with "Frisco Fast Freight" on side wall.

    August 1993 - Railmodel Journal
    Author - Ed Hawkins
    "Modeling 40-Foot PS-1 Box Car Part 4"
    Page 29 - Photo of car #17476 by W. C. Whittaker
    "Frisco Fast Freight" on side wall

    January 1988 - Model Railroading
    "Pullman Standard PS-1 40 Foot Single Door Box Cars, Part 4"
    Page 50 - Photo of car #17558 by Charles E. Winters
    "Frisco Fast Freight" on side wall

    That's all I can find.


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