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  1. Neat truck Paul. That is really small for Oshkosh. The small ones like that had cabs built by International.

    The tank looks believable enough like it is. I like that you added the lever for the tailgate latch. My only question is the chains at the top of tailgate. There are two way and three way tailgates. But on a truck like that the tailgate would have to be pushed up to be closed if the chains are at the top. That would take some muscle.

    Hinged top and chains at the bottom would be more likely. But other than that it’s a great looking old truck. Can’t wait to see it painted up.
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    It's a Sheepscot model with a cast aftermarket dumpbed that was also by Sheepscot--just not part of the original model. The instructions give you nothing regarding frame length, rear axle location, mounting of a bed, etc., etc. You have to guess and use your imagination on all of that. Thanks for the input. Maybe I'll keep the tank.

    These tended to have longer frames due to the fact that they were often used in snowplow work. The leverage you mentioned due to the frame length is one consideration, as is the mechanism for the plow that mounts behind the cab. Being in Texas, a snowplow does me no good, so I put the tank there.


    Paul Moore
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    Steve, not knowing much about trucks, I just went by the photos I found. One photo is attached. The hinge and chains are both at the top. It looked odd to me too, but that's what I found.


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    I worked my way through high school and college on a road construction crew shoveling asphalt and concrete and running a jackhammer 10 to 12 hours a day for seven summers. Dump trucks were on the job continually, but not something I paid that much attention to. Thinking back on it, there was a time or two where we would treat the tailgate as a two way by knocking out the hinge pin and leaving the latches secured. This way you could have it partially open from the top instead of the bottom and stand in the bed and shovel asphalt out the back to the desired location (standing in 350 degree hot mix on a summer day in Dallas was not much fun!!!!). We used the chains to set the level of the tailgate and keep it there.

    The chains on the blue truck are probably to keep the tailgate at a certain level or height when doing something like that. They may not be actual safety chains. The chains on the truck I'm building could work like that, as well. They're in the secured position and not in use, so I think it's ok.

    But thanks for the input, Steve, catching a potential mistake, and making me think about this a little more!!!!! If you disagree with my assessment, please tell me. I'd rather fix something before it has paint on it.
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  5. I think you are on the right track Paul. I like the one in your picture. I actually drove a small dump truck for a while years ago with top chains that would hold the tailgate flat or angled. But it was a small bed on it and one person could shut it if they had to.
    The bottom mounted chains hold the gate open at a set distance tailgating stone in a parking lot, driveway etc… For stockpiling stone or bulk excavation unloading.
    I’d keep it like it is and never give it a thought Paul.
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    Thanks, Steve.
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    Still needs taillights, headlight lenses, weathering, etc., but it's getting there. Since it's an Oshkosh truck, it will be on the Colorado portion of the layout. If any of you truck aficianados see anything that's missing, please let me know.

    Thanks!!!! IMG_5868.JPG IMG_5867.JPG Untitled-1 copy.jpg Untitled-2 copy.jpg
  8. Turned out great.
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    Yeah, There is something missing, It needs to be on my layout!
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    Thanks to both of you. By the way, the tank behind the cab was made out of a spent .22 casing.
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  11. that’s great. That’s the kind of creative scrounging I enjoy.
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    Yeah...there's a box of pieces and parts in the railroad room--just all kinds of stuff--that I look through when I'm building things. You never know what might be useful.
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