Another SLSF Herald King decal set

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by meteor910, Jul 25, 2018.

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    I found another Frisco Herald King decal set that I had not posted before. This is set B-461, for the yellow 50ft plug door RBL box cars that the Frisco had many of. Black lettering, I can't post a scan of the diagram in the set as my scanner is not functioning at the moment. The set is new, unopened, mint, and has typical Herald King quality. Refer to the smooth side RBL's in Molo on pages 80-81 in the 6500-6800 ranges for cars that used this lettering. Also see pages 66-69 for other examples. The set is numbered 6750, but there are a raft of other numbers to use to change the car number.

    If anybody is interested, let me know. Price is as usual - $2.50 and I'll pay the postage. Pay via PayPal "friends & family". Thanks.

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