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  1. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Used Boley, Herpa as well as many other detail parts in a miserable attempt to model some of the hardest working equipment and folks on the RR. I used Bragdon, and AIM chalks to weather this (only because I had some). Still want to try some of the "Dr's" weathering stuff too.
    Mr. Wulfert's SW is doing some switching, and Yep that QA&P outfit is still buying used auto racks to keep the Frisco's auto MFG base, and Floydada TX's auto unloading and distribution network busy, hopefully this will help keep traffic levels up, so we don't half to cut too any turns. :)
    Tom Holley

    camera 124.jpg camera 125.jpg camera 128.jpg
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  2. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Very good job, Tom. I love the truck and weathering including the graffiti. What is that yellow thing with the blue circle and letter S on it?
  3. Sirfoldalot

    Sirfoldalot Supporter Supporter

    That's some good work, Tom.
  4. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Jim And Sherrel
    Thanks Sherrel, your your the man!! Jim the Blue thing is a "Skate" or a thingy that I made that is another attempt to fix a problem that seems to be an issue for some of the operators that come here for Op sessions. We used to put Skates down on a track "bowl tracks in a Hump Yard" to slow down or stop rail cars on a given track. On the prototype, you put skates on both rails, so that both wheels of the same axle rolls on to the bottom, and hit a wheel stop that stops the wheel from rolling, so when the axle hits a skate the wheels stops rolling and the friction between the skate and the weight of that axle on the rail head, slows or stops the movement. Sounds waay more complicated than it really is. Its like wheel chocks but for rail cars that won't damage or derail stuff.
    I have a few of these placed all around the MRR where an industry or "house track" might have cars in it. To prevent the cars from rolling onto the main tracks. Reason is, the BS over here gets so deep during an op session that we need a skate, or de-rail to stop it once in a while:D:D
    Tom Holley

    SAFN SAAP Member


    You captured that scene excellently. Reminds me of the engine house area of Acca Yard, in the old RF&P, now CSX yard I worked at in Richmond, VA. Those trucks were all over the place. Nice touch with the figure climbing back into the fork lift. Don't forget to make some blue flag signs for the middle of the tracks or you can hook a derail to a low Ramapo switch machine. I'd even recommend getting a low intensity blue flashing LED. That would set the scene with some action. Excellent work. Please keep posting up.

  6. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Manny,
    The RIP tracks are a busy place around here. I have those DW Blue flags. But they kept getting ran over:mad: They are pretty tuff though, they get straightened out and keep working:D
    Tom Holley
  7. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    With the greatest of respect for Murphy, Karl, William and everyone, The attached Trident HO Chevy as a High-Rail vehicle is offered.
    Decided to start a new thread as the thread this model is based on was not in a model forum, but credit and Kudos to the a fore mentioned for the info that got me to thinking and getting the thing finished.
    It is a Trident HO scale Chevy short wheel-base truck, using River Point wheels from their HO Ford Hi-Rail truck, the wheels seem a bit large but the offset wheels were what I was after. The Hi-Rail wheels are from a heavily modified DW kit, adapted to fit the Trident truck. The truck was as close to the picture Karl provided I could get. It is not exact but pretty close. Painted with Model Masters Sunburst Orange and some decals made up, from information thanks to Karl and William. I enjoy trying to model pictured equipment provided by our members when it is plausible, and remain being able to be handled for modeling on different parts of the MRR. The bed is filled with chains, re-rail frogs, tie plates and cans.
    Where can one find HO scale spike kegs? Looked all over. Nary a train would stay on the track anywhere without spikes, you would think the lowly spike keg would rate being modeled. I'm just saying...
    Apologies to Karl and William for not getting it better.

    003.JPG 015.JPG 004.JPG
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  8. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Tom I think the truck looks really great. The older kegs was wood close to 2 ft. high and maybe 15 or 16 inches round and looked like a pickle barrel. Same with the later metal ones except a little taller. Those trucks was well used, actually beat to pieces. The hi-rails look real good. The re-rail frogs are a nice touch, they must have a car on the ground somewhere.
  9. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Supporter

    Very nice. I have some Details West (I think) code 70 angle bars that would look good in the bed. Let me know, and I ll send them your way.
  10. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Tom just take a piece of plastic tubing, cut it about 26 or 28 scale inches. Cut a cover of plastic (Round) bend it in the middle, like someone had just pulled it part way off to get a few spikes. Paint it L & N grey and you got it. A little rust or brown and you got a good spike can. It really does not need a bottom. They was beat up also, from rolling around in the back. Make sure it is over loaded, where you could barely notch the hi-rails up and you have a good rendition of a MOW vehicle.
    Oh by the way, mine was always empty, I had no intent of doing any work
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  11. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Karl,
    I found some of them in my parts drawer, but I really appreciate it. You provided the picture I wouldn't have known what or how to do it without that pic, so thank you for that.

    William, thanks for the info on the spike kegs, as you can see I tried to model a couple on your advise.

    "Oh by the way, mine was always empty, I had no intent of doing any work"

    Now thats funny , makes me proud of you :):) The Old Head that trained me, his first name was "Dew" his breaking partner was known as "Dew Nothin".
    By the time the RR gets done with these they are barely good enough to be melted down to make razor blades.

    here is a pic of the spike kegs and angle bars in the back.

  12. Sirfoldalot

    Sirfoldalot Supporter Supporter

    Nice job on the painting of the bed. Makes it look well used.
    Needs a few dents in it to complete!
  13. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    The spike kegs turned out real nice. The open one is about right, you can get to it without having to climb into the bed. The other thing you have in their looks like a brace plate. Thats neat.
    Funny, the vehicles get all beat up and no one knows how it happens. Must be vandals at night. Darn those people!
    Bill Jackson
  14. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Hi Sherrel
    Yea I need to put some dents in the bed for sure cause that William just throws those angle bars and everything else in the back :):).. I have not figured out the secrete of melting plastic to dent a car or give that old gondola the "sway back" look, Lord knows I have ruined some perfectly good cars trying that.

    Will probably be hearing from William's Local Chairman now..
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  15. Don Hartis II

    Don Hartis II Member

    Amazing of all the stuff you have on your QA&P. Auto racks, M of W, boxcars, covered hoppers, caboose, SD40 and GP7/9, etc. As stated in another posting, any way to get decals for any of these items as well? 1 of each is all I want to try to do. Thanks! Don Hartis II
  16. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Detected message
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  17. Don Hartis II

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    Hello Mr Holley, This is Don Hartis II again. Will try again. My address is 223 Palomino Dr Waxahachie, 75165. I work from 5PM till 3 or 4AM. I leave home at 3:30PM for traffic. My hrs are erratic. I am off most Saturdays and Sundays but that is not certain and subject to change. Hopefully, this will get thru and you can respond to my question on QA&P decals, etc. Thank You! Don

    As you can see, my attempt to use the e-mail you posted did not go thru again. Try on your end and see if things work and go thru to my e-mail. Thanks! Don
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    Why not use the Frisco-Dot-Org private messaging?

  19. gjslsffan

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    That was the first thing I tried. :)


    Please lets use the Private Messaging feature in the "org". I do not want to post my personal info for the world to use. I cannot make any sense from the thing. Using the Private Messaging in Frisco "org" will protect us both. :)
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  20. Don Hartis II

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    Hello Mr Holley, Tried using the private messaging on the "org". It would not recognize the e-mail you gave me. I guess contact me thru MRR website as I am a subscriber. Don`t know what else to try. Would like to keep trying. Thank You! Don

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