Along the Rolla-Lebanon Subdivision Today

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing those.

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    Thanks George.
    Still no luck in finding a pic of the old Kirkwood depot that sat just north of the tracks, west side of Kirkwood Road? There has to be one somewhere!
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    Tie replacement looks complete through Kirkwood on the south track. The crews have moved east into Webster Groves. As the photo shows, they are collecting the old ones. We watched the crane operator take some care to keep the load neat just before he picked up this bundle. 0326 Collecting old ties (2) c.JPG
  4. Ken,
    is this the old picture your looking for?
    Old Kirkwood depot that sat just north of the tracks, west side of Kirkwood Road.
  5. meteor910

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    Charlie -
    No, that is the MoPac depot in Kirkwood, also on Kirkwood Road, north side of the tracks, north of the Frisco by about a mile. In addition to the UP coming through, Amtrak has stopped there for years.

    The old Kirkwood Frisco depot I was asking about was also on Kirkwood Road, west side, north of the tracks. It was torn down long ago, and a small depot from down the line was relocated at the same point, but on the south side of the tracks. It also was removed some time ago. A Hill Behan lumber store was built on the old site, north of the tracks, and existed until a few years back. I had a diagram of the old Frisco Kirkwood depot somewhere, but have never seen a pic of it. WindsorSpring and I were working with the Kirkwood Historical Society a few years ago to seek a photo, but no luck so far.


    ps - In his wonderful book Frisco Power, Joe Collias included a pic of the small depot relocated to the south side of the tracks at Kirkwood Road, on page 281. Per Joe's caption, it served mainly as a commuter stop back in the days when the Frisco ran morning and evening commuter trains from downtown StL out to Pacific.
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    Cottonseed trains pass by with westbound loads and eastbound empties. The cars are box-shaped, open-top cars that appear to have an end that swings open for emptying on an incline or car lift. I have wanted to get a photo to share for awhile and the opportunity came today during breakfast. The first shot shows one of the red cars with MWCX marks following one of the gray ones with HKRX markings. Loaded trains typically have two locomotives on the point and two pushing. Today's helper set included a treat: ex-ATSF warbonnet 646! Warbonnets have become rare these days so even seeing a faded one is welcome. Finally, the going-away shot shows BNSF 7567 basking in the kind of light I wish I had for the other shots. (I see the camera is still on daylight time.)
    1117 0753 wb Cottonseed Train (3) s.JPG 1117 0753 wb Cottonseed Train 7567 and ATSF 646 (6) s.JPG 1117 0753 wb Cottonseed Train 7567 and ATSF 646 (7) cs.JPG
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    These should be the trains loaded in Hayti, MO. I had no idea they ran via the Cuba Sub, I assumed they ran south and came up the Thayer Sub. I see these trains here in Flagstaff. Destined to Modesto and Fresno, CA
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    It is an interesting move when it goes through Lindenwood. The train runs into Lindenwood and then the crew (or another crew) gets on what had been the pushers making these the lead locomotives. In this case 7567 assisted by 646 pulled the train from Hayti but became helpers heading west.
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    Thought I would share photos of the same train (posted above by Windsor Spring) as it passed westbound through Flagstaff, Arizona, last Friday 11/20/2020 at 12:29pm Mountain Standard Time. The train is on BNSF's Seligman Subdivision, a portion of the Southern Transcon. Heavy unit trains that will be going north out of Barstow, CA, over Tehachapi get mid-train DPUs added at Gallup, NM. The configuration through Flagstaff was: 4677-969-7257 / 8095-8194-8160 / 646 -7547. The closest mountain is a lava dome named Mount Elden. The collection of peaks in the left background are the San Francisco Peaks, tallest peak is 15,600 ft. The train had been climbing steadily since leaving the crew-change point of Winslow, AZ, and will crest the Arizona Divide (7355 ft elevation) in about 10 miles. The Arizona Divide is listed as the highest point on the "active" BNSF system (Raton Pass and Glorieta Pass in New Mexico are both higher.)

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    Great pictures. It is nice to see 646 still pushing, but it is also interesting to see 969 with its "Great-Northern-like" "H1" paint scheme in the train. I wonder if 969 was the lead of 2 when the train went through Kirkwood. If so, I am sorry I missed it. It is sad to think a bowl of Cheerios held more of my interest than the approaching train.
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    Interesting photo chronology and operational details that captured this old River Division enthusiast’s eye. Thanks very much, George and Ted.

    Cheerios are a tough act to top, George. I won’t judge.
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    There are approximately 2172 Cheerios in a standard size box.

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