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    While at the museum in Paducah TX I took these images. Swearingen was quite the little town at one time, 1920 to the late 1930's.
    DSC00170 (1).JPG
    DSC00170 (1).JPG
    DSC00173 (1).JPG
    DSC00177 (1).JPG

    My parents told me the Furr and Hare trading post was the early predecessor of Furr cafeterias and Hare hardware. You gotta love the doctor's name.
    DSC00180 (1).JPG

    DSC00183 (1).JPG

    My Grandfather Walter Lee Holley is on the top row 3rd from the left, my great grandfather Holley, Larry Allen Holley is center bottom. They helped settle the town of Swearingen. Grandpa Walter was a station agent at Swearingen.
    DSC00159 (1).JPG

    Grew up about a mile away from the Wilsons, remember Grover Ray and his family.
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