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    Does anyone have (or have a link to or a map of) the station track plan and the junction trackage at Afton, OK? House tracks, sidings and so forth? Seems like Afton would be a good place to model, intersection of two main lines--Lots of trains and action.

    Thanks, Tom G.
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    I don't have a map of Afton to give specific location of the different facilities, but depending on your era, there is the possibility of more than you listed. Afton was the division point for Tulsa/Ft. Scott crews on the KC trains. There was a large, cool depot, yard tracks, industry tracks, roundhouse, and a large concrete coaling tower located there. The siding, Kahoga, was/is located just east of the switch to the Afton Sub and was not used by KC trains. If congestion required a southbound KC train to hold before entering the Cherokee Sub, they could be held on the Afton Sub as there were no crossings to contend with for miles to the north. When I hired out in 1971, there were only two yard tracks left which were primarily used to reduce tonnage of southbound/westbound KC trains as more tonnage could be moved by the same power north of Afton than west of Afton. There was at least one crossing (my memory is foggy as to whether there was a second one) towards the west end of the yard tracks, so depending on the number of cars left, the crossing might need to be cut. Generally this tonnage would be picked up by westbound Cherokee Sub trains that could handle the extra cars. A lot of activity could be incorporated into Afton if one wanted to model this division point.

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    Tom, one additional thought:

    If you go to

    and search for Afton, OK, they have a 1973 topographic map that at least shows the location/arrangement of the wye at the junction.

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    Thanks guys for the tips, I'll do some more research.

    Tom G.

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