Accucraft 1:29 G scale Frisco PS2-4750 Covered Hopper

Discussion in 'G Scale' started by Joseph Toth, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Joseph Toth

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    If you have considered modeling in Large Scale be sure and check out this neat Frisco covered hopper at Go to Accucraft and pull up AML 1:29 G Scale. Shucks, the green Katy don't look bad either!

    There goes next months allowance!

    Joe Toth
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  3. Joseph Toth

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    WOW! Beautiful models but I need a lottery win, a big one, to afford those! MTH Rail King One Gauge Trains are better fitted to my pocketbook though.

    With freight cars having been built in all sizes in 1:1 scale it is easy to determine which ones will look right together on one layout or outdoor railroad. Examples are the Pennsy X-29 boxcar compared to the 1932 AAR design or the Santa Fe outside braced cars that received extended roofs. Large Scale hasn't reached the Proto modeling stage like HO and O scale have and I guess it is still a "Fun Gauge" when seen in the pages of Garden Railways magazine. There are more and more modelers who are starting to take it to the proto stage though and there are beautiful contest models which show just what can be done when working in the larger scales.

    Joe Toth
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