A ride on the Winona Branch 1979

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    While doing a bit of research on a ghost railroad from Rolla-Houston, MO. I stumbled across a website called Newspaper.com. It's kind of pricey, $75.00 for a 6-month subscription but it contains a wealth of information...Attached is a story about the Winona Branch in 1979...Roger

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    That’s a great article. Now I know the name of the lumber company that I remember when visiting my grandparents as a kid during the 70’s. Fond memories of Winona.
  3. Are real nice areas and topics!

    Continuous computer topo maps anywhere:

    Frisco Winona row s still show on
    https://www.topozone.com/missouri/Winona - Eminence
    Even a few logging trams.

    Old Historical Topo Maps:

    Eminence south to Winona;
    Pat Moreland would love these old railways (similar to her memories of
    the Salem Branch thru Wesco)

    Willow Springs eastward towards Winona;

    Salem, Winona and Southern Railroad 1908 1928 N/A
    southward from Rolla.

    Defunct 'ed row south from Rolla;
    The company was a short-lived organization formed to build an
    electric railway southward from Rolla, Missouri.

    [ State of MO Historical Society, Libraries ]

    Missouri, Inland and Southern Railway Company,

    These are route and profile maps for the
    Missouri, Inland and Southern Railway Company in Dent County, Missouri.

    Missouri, Inland and Southern Railway Company, Maps, 1910, (R0850)

    State of MO Historical Society's Libraries are at

    Rolla, St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, Cape Girardeau,


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