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  1. Hello SLSF'ers. Although you see a Blue Streak Fast Freight emblem on my coffee cup--37 years as brakeman/conductor on the SSW, then UPRR (eckk!) I ended my RR career at Jefferson City, MO on the "Rock Island branch" of the Cotton Belt/then UP between St.L and KC. I am a life-long admirer of the Frisco also. I grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas and began train watching in 1960 at age 12. The southbound Kansas City-Florida Special stopped there and I went down for a look most Saturday mornings. Those big red and gold Race Horse E-units were impressive. So were the stainless cars behind the dark green head end.

    As a modeler, I noticed the FP7s were four feet longer than other Fs. Those RS2 / EMD rebuilds were a modelers' dream. As I posted in another forum, an AT&N RS1 was the regular switcher at Jonesboro in those days. Friscos came barreling through J'boro about 40 mph while all the Cotton Belts stopped to change crews there. It was all exciting to a kid on his bike. When the Frisco wide-vision caboose came by, those equalized, high-speed trucks made the cab bounce and sway gracefully as it rode over the last yard switches and around a curve. I've always loved watching trains--much different than working on 'em!

    My world was pretty small then, but I knew the Frisco ran all the way to KC northward and Florida southward. I saw a few Friscos in the Ozark hills around Hardy, Arkansas, and saw one cross the Mississippi River bridge at Memphis. That was Divine intervention because my family rarely traveled!

    There is some great modeling going on among your ranks here! The super-detailed steam is exceptional! 1st and 2nd generation diesels always perk me up! Hey, gonna tie up now, before the "hogs get me." Highball, Y'all!
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    I like the way you introduced yourself to the group and signed off Chip. I'm sure most of us have fond memories (as you do) of our encounters with the Frisco from childhood through our adult life and we all miss the Frisco. Only wish I had thought to take a camera with me to record many of my encounters. I am thankful that this site has acquired countless photos for sharing and other folks have chose to share their photos with this site.
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    Welcome to the Frisco website Chip!!!

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    Chip, Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the group Chip!
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    Good to have you in frisco.org Chip!
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    Interesting, CHIP!
    I grew up on the "Cotton Belt" in Southern Arkansas. I used to try and be near the depot when the "Daylight" painted PA unit plus 5=6 cars came through town in a cloud of dust - one eastbound and one westbound each day.
    Don't really have an explanation as to why I became a Frisco fan other than I grew accustomed to seeing their locomotives and yards going to/from work in the Kansas City area, and although it was before I arrived on the scene - I just generally loved the look of Frisco steam locos.
    I have no idea why I am telling all this, but I played in a State basketball tournament one year in Jonesboro- we came in second that year.
    So I'll say: Welcome - along with others!

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