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    In reference my previous message to the "nshore" list, I've purchased an ATSF heavyweight turtleback coach that looks close enough for a 700-series.
    A few questions:

    (a) What type of Air Conditioning on these cars? The pictures I've seen seem to lean toward mechanical and not ice-activated.
    (b) Does anyone have drawings they could post? If not, I'd be glad just to get vital dimensional data; specifically, length.
    (c) The model I have includes vestibules on both ends, but the few pictures I have seen show have no vestibule on the brake wheel end? Specifically, a
    700-coach on the cover of FMIG Newsletter #25 has one renumbered for MofW service; the brake wheel end has 2 extra-long drop graps with a stirrup step below.
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    #762, Springfield

    #762, Springfield Mo. Published in the Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" magazine; posted with permission (it looks as if there may be a name on it that I can not make out).

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    The lettering on the car says "Chair Lounge", meaning individually reclining seats and a small lounge for smoking.

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    Were these cars ever painted blue and white for Meteor service?



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